ESPA Skincare engages new customers with audio ads

ESPA Skincare turned to Spotify Ad Studio to create a custom, professionally-recorded digital audio ad that helped get the word out about their new product line and drive sales with a unique promo code.

The media mix

Brand vertical: CPG (Beauty)
Objective: Brand awareness
Target audience: Women aged 18-50
Ad Studio targeting used: Demographic and Interest targeting (Health & Lifestyle, Fitness, Travel, and Love & Dating)
Market: UK
Flight dates: 18 April- 8 May 2021
Ad formats: Audio Everywhere

The brief:

Curated for all skin types, ESPA offers a suite of natural, holistic skincare products. With the launch of their new Active Nutrients collection, the brand wanted to understand how digital audio ads on Spotify could help them raise awareness for their products, drive trials, and engage new customers in their target audience.

The solution:

Using Ad Studio’s demographic and interest audience targeting, ESPA introduced its new product range to female listeners on Spotify aged 18-50 interested in Health & Lifestyle, Fitness, Travel, and Love & Dating. This is ESPA’s usual target audience, but with the help of Ad Studio’s precise targeting tools and an audio ad tailored to their intended audience, the brand reached new customers they hadn’t tapped into before on Spotify.

The creative sounds of success:

ESPA didn’t have a digital audio ad ready-made for this campaign, so they used Ad Studio’s free creative services to make one. They worked with a female voice actor who sounded like she might be part of their target audience and paired their message about their skincare collection with relaxing, acoustic background music. The Ad Studio team helped with recording and mixing the ad.

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Hear the spot for yourself

Tailoring creative elements to match the campaign’s targeting—e.g., the target audience’s demographics, interests, and genre preferences—can help to boost engagement. Listeners want creative that speaks to them directly. And 65% say they like it when it feels like ads are made just for them.1

  • 65%

    Prefer tailored messaging

    Nearly two-thirds say they like it when it feels like ads are made just for them.

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: clear CTAs are crucial to driving action from digital audio ads. Whatever you want your audience to do after hearing your ad—click through to a website, head to a brick-and-mortar store, or use an offer code—say it clearly and concisely. ESPA followed creative best practices as suggestions to help get them started and included a unique promo code for 20% off in their CTA at the end of their ad to help drive listener engagement and track conversions from Spotify.

The result? ESPA’s engaging creative and strong call to action drove a click-through rate of 0.38%, which exceeded Spotify’s U.K. audio benchmark of 0.06%.

The impact:

  • 0.38%


    Exceeded Spotify’s U.K. audio benchmark of 0.06%

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1 Nielsen Media Analytics, 12/20

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