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Cabify drives awareness for new delivery service with audio ads

Nothing beats listening to a favorite playlist or podcast while in the car, at work, or the gym for many Spotify listeners. Nearly half of our ad-supported listeners around the world create playlists for specific activities they do every day.1 Cabify, a multi-mobility app platform with a presence in Spain and Latin America, saw this opportunity to connect with their different audience segments on Spotify. They used Spotify Ad Studio to create playful audio ads that promoted their new, convenient delivery service in Madrid. We sat down with the brand to hear about how they built their creative audio strategy and why they chose Spotify as the channel to launch their product.

Spotify: What audiences were you hoping to reach with this campaign, and how did you target them on Ad Studio?

Cabify: We had two main age groups in mind for this campaign: adults 18-35 (older Gen Zs and millennials) and adults age 35+. But because Zs and millennials are pretty different, we used Ad Studio’s interest targeting to further segment the younger age group by their passions, like wellness, education, gaming, travel, and business. We also drilled down to specific postal codes in Madrid to ensure we’d reach people where the Cabify Envíos (Cabify Shipping) was available.

Spotify: Why was Ad Studio the right channel to help you reach your audience and launch this new product?

Cabify: We wanted to explore a different strategy than we’d used in the past to connect with our audience. And we wanted to reach people with the medium that integrated with our message. So we decided to take advantage of digital audio ads on Spotify to reach our target audience as they listened to content in the gym, at work, or traveling to meetings, etc.

Spotify offers advertisers a valuable channel to drive awareness, create memorable audio ads, and target audiences based on their interests. But Ad Studio’s free audio ad creation tool is what made us pick Spotify to launch this campaign. Ad Studio gave us the tools to record and mix our ads quickly. And after providing a script and some voiceover direction, we had our creatives ready almost immediately. Thanks to the speed and flexibility of Ad Studio, we were able to create four different audio ads for this campaign.

Spotify offers advertisers a valuable channel to drive awareness, create memorable audio ads, and target audiences.

Borja Archanco

Global Programmatic Specialist, Cabify

Spotify: What was your creative concept, and what was the inspiration for it?

Cabify: Our concept was to use humor and intrigue to capture listeners’ attention while keeping our new delivery service, Cabify Envíos, top of mind. We researched quirky facts about pop culture, fitness, start-ups, and left-handed people—facts we knew our target audience would be curious to hear more about. This was the foundation of our creative: listeners could learn something fun and new in 30 seconds, which is about the same amount of time it takes to ship through the Cabify app.

Spotify: How did you use sound to communicate this message?

Cabify: To bring our message to life through audio, we used background sounds to simulate a person using the app to send a package. We provided a track with these sounds to the Ad Studio team, and they mixed it into the ads for us. As a result, our message matched our medium. Listeners heard about the many ways they could use Cabify Envíos—from shipping care packages and personal items to delivering customer shipments for a small business.

Spotify: How did your audience targeting come into play with your audio creative strategy?

Cabify: We saw huge potential for personalizing our ads on Spotify and targeting people who might use Cabify Envíos. Targeting listeners by their interests made it easy for us to reach our potential audience with messages made just for them. With a few changes to our script, we had four different versions of our ad that spoke to each audience.

The final touch to the creative was adding sound effects that fit the message for our audience segments. As a mobile-only campaign, the sound effects quickly connected with listeners and effectively helped us summarize the ease and speed of using Cabify Envíos.

Hear one of the spots for yourself.

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Spotify: What results did you see from this audio-first campaign?

Cabify: The campaign metrics exceeded our expectations. Not only did we build awareness for our new service in key areas of Madrid, but we reached over 95% of our hypersegmented audience—a total of 138K people with different profiles. From runners to gamers and techies to entrepreneurs—we got our message to all kinds of people who could use our new service in unique ways. And as if that weren't enough, we achieved 643K impressions and an impressive 20% lift in in-app conversions.

Our experience with Ad Studio was so positive, we increased our investment with Spotify and took our audio campaigns to new markets. We’re writing customized messages for each new market, playing around with regional voiceovers and different sound effects to amplify our playful brand personality.

We would recommend creating and running ads on Spotify through Ad Studio. It’s a straightforward tool to use with effective and high-quality results.

The media mix

Industry category: Tech
Objective: Brand awareness
Audience: Ages: 18-35, 35+
Targeting: Interests - fitness, education, gaming, travel, business
Format: Audio ads
Market: Spain
Flight: February 25, 2021 - March 3, 2021

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1 Spotify & Kantar: TNS Research, Global Age=16-64, March 2021, Spotify Free users

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