Back Market sparks interest in refurbished tech via Spotify podcast ads

Refurbished tech brand Back Market wanted to resonate with gamers and thrill seekers with an ear-catching campaign—so they turned to Spotify podcast ads.
Tech makes the world go round—but that doesn't mean you need to shell out top dollar for a brand-new device every time you need an upgrade. Back Market, an online marketplace that offers expertly renewed smartphones, laptops, and other tech for a fraction of the cost of new devices, wanted to introduce themselves to potential customers via Spotify podcast ads. They hoped to build associations with sentiments like trust, integrity, and value—and sparks flew when they leveraged podcast ads on Spotify.

Media mix:

Brand vertical: Tech
Objective: Brand Awareness
Target Audience: Thrill Seekers, Gamers
Targeting Used: Age, Device, Genre, Interest/ Behavior
Market: US
Flight dates: 4/1/22–5/15/22
Format: Podcast Ads

The Brief:

Back Market wanted to make a name for themselves as a one-stop shop for any type of renewed electronic device. As a marketplace, they help customers buy pre-owned technology by connecting them with certified professionals who specialize in refurbishing and resale. Ultimately, their platform offers people a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new.

The goal was to generate awareness of the marketplace, as well as the environmental impact of electronic waste (e-waste). While the main objective was brand awareness, Back Market also hoped to generate sales from the website or app throughout the campaign.

The Solution:

Back Market's advertising strategy targeted gamers, thrill seekers, and others interested in technology. The brand chose to speak to a younger male audience between the ages of 20 and 30, and they selected messaging that made listeners feel as if they were hearing from an older brother or cousin. Back Market selected upbeat, "cool" background music as a complement.

The actions Back Market hoped listeners would take included visiting the site, following the brand on social media, or simply reading more about e-waste. They used a fitting call-to-action (CTA): "Break up with brand new tech and find your next device at That's B-A-C-K-market-dot-com," ensuring that listeners could easily find their platform.


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The Impact:

Back Market's team consulted Podsights, Spotify's podcast ad analytics platform, in order to track site visits and purchases directly correlated with their ads. The reach from the campaign was extensive, helping introduce Back Market to a large audience of potential customers. All in all, the campaign reached more than 650,000 listeners and generated more than 10,000 website visits to It also resulted in a conversion rate of 1.57%.

Campaign results:

  • 650k+

    Households reached

  • 10k+

    Site visits

  • 1.57%

    Conversion rate

    % of site visitors who made a purchase.

The Takeaway:

As a platform with no shortage of tech enthusiasts, Spotify is an apt venue for tech brand advertising campaigns. By tapping the Spotify Audience Network to strategically reach people most likely to be interested in electronic devices, tech brands of any size and shape can build awareness and consideration—provided they nail their message.

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