Spotify's quick start guide to creating digital audio ads

Recommendations and techniques for producing ads that convert.

Whether you’re a first-time ad producer or you’ve been making ads for a while, this guide can help you learn how to make memorable Spotify audio ads that can build your brand and create a real connection with your audience.

Why Spotify audio ads?

People listen to Spotify everywhere—in the car, at the gym, in the office, even in the shower. With digital audio ads, you can meet people on their terms, right where they are.

Context, context, context

Context is the digital audio ad supercharger. Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence is sophisticated enough to recognize a listener’s interests, moods, and moments—to understand the person on the other end of the device.

Culture amplified

Spotify creates a space for people to listen, learn, and connect. The music and conversations people have access to on our platform help shape listeners’ identities, cultures, and communities.

Excellent practices for digital audio ads

Excellent practices for writing and producing Spotify audio ads to help save you time and get you up and running.

Hitting the sweet spot with podcast ads

Ads read by both hosts and speakers produce great results when done well. But what's the difference and which format is right for you?

What is 3D audio?

Bring your ad to life with 3D Audio. Find out how soundscapes can take the listener on a journey.

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