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Whether you’re a newbie to Spotify Advertising or a regular user looking for creative inspiration, our educational webinars are carefully planned to ensure you’ll have the tools and knowledge needed to get the most out of your campaign—whether for your own brand, or a client.

Past Webinars

Ad Studio 101 – Intro to Spotify Ad Studio

Join our latest webinar series, 'Ad Studio 101,' designed for advertisers of all sizes. Here, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Spotify Ad Studio, our easy-to-use self-serve ads manager, to help meet your business goals.

A Guide to Holiday Advertising on Spotify

Get key seasonal streaming insights to optimize your Q4 media planning and learn how to craft captivating ads, infusing the holiday spirit into your brand's message.

Plan Your Summer Advertising with Spotify Ad Studio

Summer. The season of sunshine, and less screen time. Meet your audience as they stream their summer soundtrack on Spotify, with these top Ad Studio tips.

The Essential Guide to Ad Studio for Agencies

Learn how easy it is to incorporate audio into a media plan, and the benefits it can have on your client’s media mix.

A Creative Guide to Audio Advertising on Ad Studio

Discover the five key ingredients of a great audio ad and fine-tune your audio campaigns.

Podcast Advertising on Spotify

Whether you’re a podcast advertising pro or just starting to build your first campaign, you’ll find the tools and solutions you’re looking for on Spotify Ad Studio.

An Introduction to Ad Studio in the UK

Spotify Ad Studio allows advertisers of all sizes in the UK to create and deliver targeted audio and video campaigns on Spotify.

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