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More than 381 million people use Spotify every month to stream the music and podcasts they love.1 But they’re not here to passively listen. They’re here to find fresh creators, learn something new, jam out to old favorites—and sometimes, to discover products and brands.

With Spotify Advertising’s precise targeting tools and audio-first formats, you can reach people wherever they’re listening.

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  • 63%

    Feel immersed

    63% of millennials feel that audio is the most immersive form of media.2
  • 19%

    Higher brand impact

    Ads on Spotify have +19% higher brand impact compared to all other media.3
  • 61%

    Discover brands

    Over 61% of listeners say Spotify audio ads help them discover new brands and products.4

Tuned-in and engaged

New research reveals that digital audio is more engaging than radio, TV, and social media. With Spotify’s tuned-in audience, advertisers have a unique opportunity to tap into the power of audio and create breakthrough advertising.

Addressable, scalable, and insights-rich

People use Spotify to soundtrack their lives. Reach them here whenever they listen to podcasts, both on and off Spotify with the Spotify Audience Network.

Ready to take action

People listen to Spotify to discover, be entertained, and buy. And they trust us to know their preferences—from podcast recommendations to the ads they hear. According to Kantar’s Media Reactions Survey, people trust Spotify the most of all ad platforms.

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  2. Spotify Culture Next survey, Global, among 9,000 respondents 15-40, April 2021
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