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Highlights for advertisers from Spotify’s Q2 2021 earnings

Today, Spotify released our second quarter 2021 financial performance. Q2 was a strong quarter with solid performance across many aspects of our business. Some highlights: Spotify now has 365 million monthly active users (MAU) globally (up 22% YoY), of which 210 million are Ad-Supported MAU. As our CEO and Founder Daniel Ek mentioned at the end of our earnings call, we anticipate a strong second half and our trendlines are looking very healthy.

What does this mean for advertisers? Here’s what our partners can expect through the rest of 2021 — and beyond.

1. We’re making it easier to connect with listeners across the world with the expansion of the Spotify Audience Network.

Following the successful US launch earlier in the year, we introduced the Spotify Audience Network in more markets to bring scale and precision to podcast advertising. In June, advertisers in Australia, Canada, and the UK were granted access to our audio-first advertising marketplace — where brands can now connect with listeners across a broad range of content, both on and off Spotify. We also launched Spotify Podcast Ads powered by Streaming Ad Insertion in Sweden and Australia.

2. We’re exploring new ways for advertisers to connect with Gen Z and millennials.

This month, Spotify Advertising also released our third annual Culture Next trend report, an exploration of how Gen Z and millennials are shaping audio streaming and culture at large. Take a look to see how millennials and Gen Zs are creating, curating, and experiencing culture in real time on Spotify. Inspired by self-empowerment and mood-boosting trends among Gen Z and millennials, MAC Cosmetics is one of the many advertisers that has tapped Spotify to reach this audience with their Love Me campaign.

3. We’re continuing to deepen our engagement with listeners through podcast innovation, strategic acquisitions, and exclusive content.

At the end of Q2, we had 2.9 million podcasts on the platform and overall consumption hours reached an all-time high. At Spotify, we are investing to build and scale the world’s best (and most personalized) podcast discovery experience. In June, we acquired Podz to help elevate that experience for podcast listeners. As we’re building the world's number one audio network, we’re continuing to grow our content library even further. We announced exclusive partnerships with Alex Cooper, host of Call Her Daddy and Dax Shepard, host of Armchair Expert.

4. We’re creating a space for advertisers to listen, learn, and connect with all communities.

Our editorial curation celebrates and reflects culture, creativity, and community. Spotify continues to build content hubs and playlists that highlight the many different voices shaping culture year-round— including Los Que Mandan, Frequency, Pride, and EQUAL. And for the global creative advertising industry, our Outside Voice program celebrates and amplifies people of color in the advertising industry with original playlists curated by leading creatives from underrepresented communities.

Reach out to your Spotify client partner to learn more about how we can help your brand cut through the noise and be part of the immersive listening experience on Spotify.

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