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Live from CES 2019: Our daily podcast

It is our final day on the strip at CES, talking all about the future of streaming, personalised discovery, and Spotify’s podcast experience.

In case you missed anything, click here to follow our daily podcast, Culture: Now Streaming, live from CES. Host Xavier Jernigan (Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships) will guide you through the trends that made the most noise, and why they matter to marketers. It’s CES, for your ears.

Episode 3 is now live, recapping Day 3 at CES. It was a busy week in Vegas and we heard from countless leaders about the future of tech, marketing, and media. But throughout the discussions, one topic kept coming up: How can data shape the consumer experience for the better? We talked to our own Tim Ganss, Head of Music Intelligence at Spotify, as well as leaders from Unilever, Zenith, Hulu, IBM, and more to see how they are responding to the changing media landscape and using data to shape positive experiences.

Check out the podcast and read on for more highlights from our time in Vegas.

Thursday 1/10: Stole the show

Thursday was an opportunity to reflect on Spotify’s busy week of big announcements, exciting panels, and our epic Spotify Supper. And we took the day to catch up with other great minds about the future of tech, marketing, and media before giving Vegas a proper send-off.

(We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to using the weekend to catch up on some beauty sleep.)

It is all captured in Episode 3 of our CES podcast here. And for those feeling FOMO because you missed CES this year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can check out recaps from our previous day there, too — and below!

Wednesday 1/9: 'Cause I’m a superwoman

The party didn’t stop on our official “Day 2” at CES. Following the previous night’s amazing supper, Spotify’s women showed up in full force in a series of thought-provoking panels. First, Spotify’s Head of Global Verticals, Khartoon Weiss, joined the IPG Women’s Panel Breakfast to discuss AI.

Then, Global Head of Partner Solutions, Danielle Lee, joined other industry leaders, like Jen Wong of Reddit, in Variety’s discussion about connecting with consumers in today’s disrupted landscape. Afterwards, Danielle met up with Jemele Hill at the Girls’ Lounge for a candid talk about her path as a journalist and authenticity as a form of activism in the digital age.

Finally, we capped off the day with another inspiring Girls’ Lounge discussion. This time, Spotify’s Global Head of Communications and Public Relations, Dustee Jenkins, joined other high-performing female business and tech leaders in a panel on balancing life and work.

We captured it all in Episode 2 of our CES podcast here. Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for more highlights in Episode 3.

Tuesday 1/8: Cheers (drink to that)

Our first official day at CES 2019 was packed with notable events, including our 6th annual Spotify Supper with a special performance by Rita Ora, menu by Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, and tunes by DJ MADD. Guests took a welcome break from the day’s madness to chill out, eat well, and enjoy the entertainment.

On Tuesday, during “The New Storytellers: Podcasters Come of Age” panel discussion with Head of Spotify Studio’s Courtney Holt, Emmy award-winning journalist Jemele Hill announced that she’ll be joining the Spotify lineup with her own original podcast, Unbothered. The podcast will explore the intersectionality between the worlds of sports, politics, music, identity, and culture — and each week, Jemele will be joined by a podcast co-host and rotating cast of high-profile guests. (Learn more about Spotify’s podcast plans here.)

We captured it all in our first episode of our CES podcast here. Don’t forget to check back in for more highlights from tomorrow’s podcast episode. And if you’re at CES — come say “hi” at one of our events on the strip.

Monday 1/7: Let’s go to Vegas

While CES officially kicked off today, we started the conversation on Monday. Spotify’s Global Head of Advertising Sales, Brian Benedik, joined top executives from Accenture, Story Worldwide, Havas, and others to discuss the personalisation of media. On the panel, they explored how to use data to create an emotional connection with consumers.

“What’s always been true is if you understand an insight about the consumer, you win,” Benedik said. He explained how Discover Weekly is a prime example of this approach. “The more you use Spotify, the better we understand you,” he said. “You can’t buy that.” You can learn even more about Brian’s point of view on personalisation in his recent Adweek op-ed here.

Don't forget to check out Spotify's Culture: Now Streaming podcast for daily CES highlights and recaps.

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