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How listeners see video ads on Spotify

Listeners often stream when they’re working, focusing, or on the go, which is why audio ads are so powerful — they let you reach those listeners when visual media can’t. That’s not the only way listeners stream, though, and audio ads don't make the most of visual opportunities when the Spotify app is in focus like video ads can. But if a video ad plays and no one sees it, did it ever really happen? Streaming Intelligence to the rescue.

The listener experience comes first at Spotify, ensuring nothing comes between listeners and seamless streaming. That extends to how we deliver ads — we use our Streaming Intelligence to help advertisers send messages that match our listeners’ moods and the moment they’re in. With video ads, this data helps us connect advertisers with a relevant audience that both hears and sees your ad at the right moment, maximizing the impact of this visual opportunity.

Where does this data come from? Our ad-supported listeners stream on average 2.5 hours a day, and the more they stream, the more we learn.¹ During these listening sessions, ads are served between songs during commercial ad breaks, which can either be audio or video ads. Because Spotify is an app and users are logged in, our listeners have one persistent identity across all of the devices they stream on. We get signals — Streaming Intelligence — while they listen that tell us what and how they’re streaming, and those signals help us know when to deliver either type of ad.

For example, if a listener is streaming while browsing playlists, shuffling songs, or skipping tracks, then we know the app is in focus, the listener is engaged, and it’s a good time to deliver a video ad. However, if a listener is streaming with the Spotify app in the background — meaning they might be on another app or their screen is locked — an audio ad makes more sense. In paying attention to these signals, we’re able to maintain an optimal experience for our listeners and deliver your ad to the relevant audience in the right context.

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¹ Spotify First Party Data, Global, 2019, based on daily content hours / daily active users, ad-supported users multiplatform

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