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New Ad Studio feature: Daily Budgets give advertisers even more control

Taking something good and making it even better just makes sense (where would we be without mobile phones and wireless headphones?). That's why we're excited to unlock two new capabilities in our self-serve advertising platform Spotify Ad Studio: Daily Budgets and open ad set end-dates that enable always-on buying.

We're introducing both to boost Ad Studio as a performance platform and make it even easier to reach highly engaged listeners. These new Ad Studio tools give brands the ability to customize and optimize digital audio campaigns so you can reach your goals, whether you're looking to maximize clicks, impressions, or reach.

Daily Budgets and always-on: Game-changers for your campaign

Prioritizing your goals with Spotify Ad Studio is even easier thanks to greater budget and pacing controls, daily budget optimizations, and open ad set dates. With Daily Budgets and always-on campaigns, you get increased transparency and predictability, plus more room to experiment between ad sets.

In the past, advertisers could increase their budget and extend flight dates for campaigns that smashed their objectives, but it wasn't as easy to adjust the campaigns that didn't quite hit the mark. Now, you can shift budgets, test different audiences and creatives, and take action based on past learnings. When it comes to controlling your ad spend, Daily Budgets also helps you get more reliable reach and frequency estimations, as well as more even day-to-day pacing.

Bonus: Campaign management is easier, too

Instead of rebooking or duplicating your campaigns over and over to maintain your brand presence—which increases your workload and gets in the way of mining long-term insights—you can now run an "always-on" ad set tied to a daily budget and capture demand over time.

You can use daily budgets in tandem with your bid and targeting choices to see your projected audience size based on your selection. Used along with open ad set dates, you can also track performance over an indefinite period to identify trends and optimization opportunities.

Daily Budgets will let you set a target daily spend amount, which Spotify uses to determine your monthly spending limit. That means you can capture daily fluctuations in demand while at the same time staying within your monthly budget.

Up your ad game today

So, let's recap. With Daily Budgets and always-on buying, you can:

  • Set a target budget amount you'd like to spend each day.
  • Experiment and take actions based on campaign learnings.
  • Have open end-dates for your ad flights, so you can continue driving demand with ads that work.

Ready to up your ad game? Reach your customers where they listen by creating an Spotify Ad Studio campaign today. Need more info? Find out how it works.

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