COVID-19: What Spotify is doing to help

Since 2006, Spotify has created connections between creators and their fans, using music and podcasts to bring passionate listening communities together.

Spotify’s advertising and brand partners are an essential part of that ecosystem. They help ensure listeners can access the world’s audio content. That access has never been more important, as listeners turn to Spotify for news podcasts and updates about COVID-19. These listeners are also leaning on audio right now for entertainment, a bit of levity, and self-care — one shared playlist or new podcast episode at a time.

Right now, listeners, creators, and brands are trying to make sense of a fast-changing world. And since COVID-19 has shifted our daily routines and impacted communities of every shape and form, Spotify has been identifying ways to help.

This week, Spotify announced how we’re activating our platform to support communities around the world, using the best of our platform and resources. As the news changes hour by hour, access to relevant information is crucial. That’s why we’re making it easier for users to access trusted sources like the BBC and NPR on Spotify’s COVID-19 hub. Spotify is also making ad space available to governments and nonprofits for health and safety PSAs to reach listeners in real-time.

On the artist side, we’ve just launched Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief, an initiative that will recommend verified organizations that offer financial relief to those in the music community most in need. Read more about the additional features and tools we’re launching to lend creators a helping hand on Spotify For Artists.

As people adjust to new routines, there’s a need for brands to show up in relevant, appropriate ways—small and large. What new ideas can you offer while people are spending more time with family at home? How can your brand alleviate stress, offer a moment of pause, and promote wellness to listeners—or support a community central to your business?

Around the world, people are forming new habits in the home. Spotify is already working on identifying the listening trends that will matter most to marketers. Stay tuned, and stay safe.

Read more about Spotify’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

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