Learn more about your listeners with new audience insights

With the streaming conversion metrics we released last year, you have access to unique measures of how listeners respond after hearing an ad about your music. But there are important questions still unanswered — who listened to your music or saved your tracks after hearing your ad? And how can you get your music in front of other listeners like them for your next ad?

Enter audience insights, a new set of metrics that help you understand who your ad was most successful with. On all ad campaigns created after July 10, 2019, you can now see which Spotify audiences are listening to your tracks, becoming new listeners, or taking actions that show an intent to listen to your music later, like saving a track.

“Defining our engaged audience is becoming more and more of a focus for us in terms of targeting ads, and having this level of demographic detail about our new listeners is key,” said Mariah Czap of Yep Roc Records, one of the feature’s beta participants. "We're able to get a clearer picture of the listener who is getting serviced our ads and use these audience results and insights to influence future campaigns, allowing for a seamless targeted ad experience."

So how can you get the most out of your audience insights? Pay attention to the demographic groups that your ads resonate with the most. These stats — which include age, gender, and platform breakdown — can be used to adjust the targeting of current ads in real-time or to retarget the most successful audiences in your next campaign. For instance, if the goal of your ad is to increase the total number of listeners you’re receiving, check out the listeners tab in audience insights and adjust your campaign to target age ranges where you’re getting the most cost-effective listeners.

You can tell which audiences are the most cost effective by comparing the audience makeup of people who heard the ad (percentage of ads served) and those who streamed your music (percentage of listeners or new listeners). Look for audiences where the percentage of listeners or new listeners is higher than the percentage of ads served — that means that audience is particularly likely to stream your music after hearing your ad.

Looking for a way to increase the intent rate for future campaigns so more people are saving your music? Check out the intent rate tab in your audience and create a new ad with targeting that matches the groups with higher intent rates.

Every ad is an opportunity to learn something new about your audience targeting so you can better connect with your existing fans and, ultimately, grow your fan base. To view your ads’ audience insights, go to your ads, choose an ad, and scroll down to the audience insights section.

Check out our guide to understanding your campaign results to further explore how you can use streaming conversion metrics and audience insights to get your music heard.

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