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Millennials on Spotify: The driving moment

Listening to music while driving keeps millennials company and wards off frustration on the mean streets. If you’re speaking to millennials while they are driving or on their commute, this is a great time to present new information and keep them entertained.

Who’s listening in this moment?

According to Spotify’s streaming intelligence, those who stream while driving are likely commuters and can often be parents. A message that entertains them en route is likely to resonate.

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Stephanie uses upbeat music to stay awake while driving.

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Jamie, from the UK, says music motivates him on the drive to work.

Top driving genres

Hot beats reign supreme in the car with crunk as a top genre. But Mexican Banda also keeps people entertained on their commute along with the fusion sounds of alternative metal.

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How to reach millennials in the driving moment

Driving is a moment where millennials’ eyes and hands are busy, but their ears are open to content and messaging. Audio is a key format here.

Because audio streaming enables you to know more about your target audience than traditional radio, you can create personalized messaging that resonates with their demographic, the city they’re driving in, weather information (via programmatic), music tastes, day, time and even their interests. Imagine creating a driving message for a foodie that suggests the top restaurants to visit when she enters a new city. Or consider transporting a driver somewhere more exciting when they are on a boring stretch of highway.

Even though audio is the obvious format for in-car, think about extending any auto-themed campaigns beyond driving moments using a full multimedia campaign that includes video, audio and display by retargeting automotive audiences when they continue listening on desktop or mobile later in the day.

The in-car moment is a great time to consider adding podcasts to your strategy. According to Edison Research, millennials are the top audience for podcasts and 65% of all monthly podcast listeners tune in while in a car. With a captive audience and an open mind, enhancing the moment to entertain can build affinity with your audience. Brands can either sponsor podcasts, or create branded content podcasts that feel authentic to their brand values.

Just remember, the more personal you can get in this moment the better. Not only do millennials expect this level of service, but they also prefer it. Said one millennial male, echoing the sentiments of many others we spoke to: “Spotify has my search and listening history… ads should be tailored to my interests.”

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