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Millennials on Spotify: The chill moment

Chilling can be a personal moment or even a family hang. But whatever the occasion, it’s a moment to relax and help put your audience in a positive mood.

Who's listening in this moment?

According to Spotify’s streaming intelligence, people who listen to music when they chill are also likely foodies. The chill moment could be a great time to entice them into thinking about using your product in their next recipe.

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Harold, from the US, uses music to relax and escape.

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Cindyne, from the UK, says music makes her feel worry-free.

Top chilling genres

Chilling is a hugely personal moment, whether that means listening to latin beats or more mellow deep indie R&B.

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How to reach millennials in the chill moment

Many users are more leaned-in during chill moments versus other moments like driving or chores — when their eyes and ears are busy. So chilling is an opportunity to work with a video format like a Sponsored Session, which allows brands to gift 30 minutes of uninterrupted music in exchange for their audience’s attention during a video message.

Chilling is a great time to introduce new and meaningful content to your audience. By adding value to their chill time, you create brand affinity. Delta recently did just that with Spotify’s new program Rise. Through Rise, Delta supported new artists who were at a turning point in their careers, while also surrounding editorial content that was relevant and authentic to their audience.

Podcasts are also a perfect opportunity to entertain and create value. According to Edison Research, millennials are the top audience for podcasts and 84% of all monthly podcast listeners tune in while at home. With a captive audience and an open mind, brands can sponsor podcasts, create branded content podcasts that feel authentic to their brand values or even take advantage of Spotify’s multimedia podcast format, which incorporates visual elements.

Personalized messages can be extremely effective with a moment as reflective as chilling. Millennials told us that disruptive ads “kill your mood,” that “ads need to be tailored to what you’re listening to,” and that they expect them to be “geared toward my lifestyle, location and local events.” Think about the type of music they’re listening to and use that genre and subgenre targeting to set the tone of your creative. But remember, there’s a fine balance between matching the moment and making sure they also take notice of your message.

Additionally, consider building the contextual data of listeners, tailoring your ads to day of week, time of day, location and even current weather (via programmatic). For example, the UK food delivery service, Deliveroo, created 48,000 different versions of their creative, so a person enjoying a sunny Saturday afternoon in Nottingham heard something different than a person waking up to a Friday morning in Brighton.

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