TherapyChat normalizes self-care and mental health awareness with digital audio

TherapyChat is all about active listening—so naturally, digital audio was a perfect avenue for the psychotherapy app's latest ad campaign. To commemorate the launch of their new platform in Spain and Italy and align with Global Health Month, the brand ran a series of digital audio ads to increase awareness of their remote therapy services.

The media mix

Brand vertical: Healthcare services app [Healthcare, Tech]
Objective: Brand awareness and driving impressions, reach, and engagement
Target audience: Men and women 25+ (mental health is for everyone!)
Market: Spain and Italy
Format: Audio (music)

The Brief:

As a leading online psychology platform, TherapyChat connects users with therapists who can help treat conditions like anxiety or depression, provide couples therapy, or work on clients' self-esteem. But to make an impact, TherapyChat first had to familiarize listeners with its services.

With the ability to reach active listeners on almost any device in almost any environment and at any time of the day, Spotify's digital audio advertising platform was the perfect resource to help TherapyChat meet its goal—to generate brand awareness while communicating with listeners in an intimate environment.

The Solution:

To reach potential customers in a creative way that complemented their existing marketing efforts, TherapyChat launched a digital audio advertising campaign and leveraged Spotify's optimization tools to improve their ads.

TherapyChat started out with a target audience of men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 before branching out to test additional segments by platform. The brand relied on Spotify Ad Studio to create self-serve ads that they hoped would resonate with listeners.

The Impact:

TherapyChat's Spotify campaign drove consistent traffic to the TherapyChat website and increased time spent with the brand. They found that personal testimonial-style content was the most effective driver.

"The fact that Spotify Ad Studio has integrated the free audio creation tool makes it easy to start your first campaign. Using audio ads, you can improve your brand awareness and approach potential clients in a personal and close way."

Clara Dionis González Content Marketing Associate, TherapyChat

Here's what TherapyChat had to say about its audio ad campaign in a quick Q&A.

Spotify: Tell us about your first campaign with Ad Studio.

TherapyChat: We launched our first campaign in November 2021. As we became more comfortable with the platform and saw that the ads delivered results and had good click-through rates (CTRs), we fine-tuned the ads and targeting and increased the budget. The learning curve was relatively easy.

Spotify: Why was audio a suitable medium to tell TherapyChat's story?

TherapyChat: Before starting with Spotify Ads, we had some experience in the podcast world. We were looking for mentions in a wedge format within different programs. Since we don't offer a physical product, we have to highlight the importance of mental health when advertising. We take great care with the message we send, and digital audio allows us to tell stories and make people feel seen and heard.

Spotify: What advice would you give other Spotify advertisers about using Ad Studio?

TherapyChat: Use trial and error to find out what works for you. No two companies are the same, and there is no magic recipe that works for everyone. Luckily, Ad Studio makes it accessible to test different approaches on a reasonable budget.

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