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Serving 3D sounds with Volkswagen

Through 3D audio (that’s when sounds move around a listener), Volkswagen showcased a product benefit of one of their latest models exactly as the listener would hear it. Their new lane assist safety feature kept drivers and listeners in their lanes.

The challenge

Drive promotion of the Volkswagen UP lane assist safety feature among young adults on-the-go.

The big idea

Inspired by the auto innovation, we set out to put immersive audio in the driver’s seat of this campaign. The goal was to use audio to bring the Volkswagen UP lane assist safety feature to life by allowing listeners to feel like they were behind the wheel themselves.

The magic

We used 3D audio to mimic the lane assist function of alerting drivers when they veer left or right of center. The audio technique allowed us to play the left lane alert in the left ear, and the right lane alert (you guessed it) in the right ear. The campaign made for a smooth ride for drivers everywhere, as the simple yet effective audio approach resonated regardless of the language.

With Spotify, Volkswagen turned the corner into audio innovation.

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