Nocilla inspires Gen Zs with a fresh look at snacktime

One jar of chocolate-hazelnut spread, so many possibilities. Spanish heritage brand Nocilla won over a new generation of fans with a witty, upbeat multi-format campaign on Spotify.

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    Ad Recall

    55 percentage point increase in recall of Nocilla ads on Spotify.
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    Top of Mind Awareness

    9 percentage point increase in top of mind awareness of Nocilla.


Nocilla wanted to inspire Gen Z listeners (15-24) to rethink the possibilities of their iconic chocolate-hazelnut spread.


Gen Zs in Spain are likely already familiar with Nocilla, which has been a pantry staple since the 1960s. However, standing out in the competitive snack market isn’t easy. To reach them, the brand rolled out a series of ads on Spotify with updated branding and cheeky catchphrases — evoking the taste of the traditional chocolate cream, with fresh ideas on using it. Forget “Nocilla.” On Spotify, their new tagline became “Nociyeah!”

The brand used age, genre, and audience targeting to get their new brand voice (and new snacking concepts) seen and heard. The campaign’s tagline, “Te la comerías y lo sabes,” leaned into a well-known Spanish meme to connect with younger audiences.

From placements on Latin & Trap playlists to targeting the Gamers audience segment, Nocilla reached Gen Z listeners with new use cases for their chocolate-hazelnut spread. Think chocolate-filled crepes. Or a warm chocolate-cream panini. The brand also rewarded busy, hungry listeners with a sweet surprise: 30 minutes of ad-free listening with Sponsored Sessions if they watched a short video.

“Gen Z differs a lot in media consumption vs. previous generations,” Álvaro Malmierca, Digital Business Manager at Idilia Foods, said. “We need to treat them differently than the other targets. That’s where Spotify can help."

By showing up for Gen Z in fresh ways, Nocilla earned a new place in the hearts, minds, and stomachs of listeners across Spain.


  • Thanks to a fresh voice for younger listeners, Nocilla saw a 55 percentage point increase in recall of their Spotify ads.
  • They also earned Gen Z’s attention, with a 9 percentage point increase in top of mind awareness.
  • Nocilla won over a new generation of fans too, with an 8 percentage point increase in agreement that Nocilla is a modern brand.
Formats: Audio, Sponsored Sessions Market: Spain Flight: July 2019 - November 2019 Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, July - Nov 2019

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