Malibu taps into the Halloween moment with spooky 3D audio

Malibu built momentum with an immersive Halloween campaign, culminating in a holiday Homepage Takeover.

  • 200%

    Ad Recall

    200% lift in recall of Malibu ads compared to control.
  • 120%

    Message Association

    120% lift in association of Malibu with Halloween parties compared to control.
  • 48%

    Purchase Intent

    48% lift in purchase intent among those exposed to audio, video and display ads.


Malibu aimed to own the Halloween moment with their target audience, branding their drink as the perfect one for the holiday.


A wolf howling. A doorbell ringing. A house party buzzing. With an immersive 3D audio campaign, Malibu brought these signature sounds of Halloween to life, captivating the ears of Spotify listeners.

Malibu (or, as they cheekily rebranded for this campaign, Maliboo) wanted to make sure their brand was associated with the spooky season. So they created a momentum-building campaign from October 11 to October 31 prompting their audience to “get ready for Halloween.” They teamed up with Spotify to build an interactive microsite that let listeners select a costume, before generating a personalized playlist and Halloween-themed cocktail recommendation.

To get listeners to that microsite, Malibu used a 3D audio campaign that brought listeners directly into the Halloween moment. And by targeting playlists (like Getting Ready and Girls Night Out) and genres (Dance House, Electronica, and Hip-Hop/Rap), they ensured their house party message reached listeners who were already in party mode.

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Make sure you're listening with headphones to experience the 3D audio effect!

The campaign owned the Halloween moment by ending in a Homepage Takeover on the day itself. Right when listeners opened Spotify on their desktop, they saw Malibu’s message prompting them to prepare for their Halloween party, with playlist and cocktail recommendations ready to go.

By tapping directly into a major cultural moment, Malibu drove results across major brand metrics — Ad Recall, Message Association and Purchase Intent. Their campaign took tips from entertainment industry campaigns (like building to a movie release date) but applied those tactics to a huge event in the UK using Spotify’s streaming intelligence. It’s safe to say their 3D audio trick resulted in a big-time treat.


  • With memorable and immersive 3D audio, Malibu’s campaign drove a massive 200% ad recall with Spotify listeners.
  • By tying their ads directly to the Halloween moment, Malibu drove a 120% lift in association of their brand with Halloween parties.
  • The campaign’s direct message drove a 48% in purchase intent among users exposed to audio, video and display ads — boosting the likelihood that they’ll buy a bottle of Malibu in the next month.
Formats: Homepage Takeover, Mobile Overlay, Desktop Overlay, Audio, Video Takeover, Sponsored Sessions Market: UK Flight: October 2018 Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, October 2018

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