Making a splash with Wavo

To promote rapper Rich the Kid’s new song “Splashin,” Wavo, a music marketing agency, turned to Spotify Ad Studio. With Ad Studio’s streaming conversion metrics, Wavo had access to insights that helped them understand how many people heard their ad and what actions listeners took after hearing it.

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Wavo x Spotify

The challenge

Wavo helps artists market their records, merchandise, tours — basically everything that goes into their career. So when they were tasked with promoting Rich the Kid’s latest drop, simply getting people to listen to it wasn’t enough. They also needed to understand how the campaign was helping the artist’s overall career. That’s where Ad Studio came in.

The big idea

By leveraging Ad Studio’s streaming conversion metrics, Wavo knew they would be able to get the info they needed. “With streaming conversion metrics, we’re now getting attribution metrics not just about how our advertising campaign is resulting in streams, but actually much deeper actions for an artist like adding a song to a playlist or hearting a song,” said Conor Clarke, the co-founder and CEO of Wavo. “Those are the holy grail of metrics for an artist.”

The holy grail of metrics for an artist.

Conor Clarke

Co-founder and CEO of Wavo

When it came to the ad, Wavo let Rich the Kid’s song speak for itself. It starts with a sample of the new release, “Splashin,” then Rich the Kid introduces himself and the track, and lets listeners know how they can stream it. It’s a fairly simple concept, but impactful in spreading the word about new music.

The magic

The simplicity paid off and Wavo saw some inspiring results: 38% of people who heard the ad went on to listen to Rich the Kid’s music. And almost 20% of those listeners were new listeners, meaning they streamed his music for the first time that month.

“It was incredible to see almost 20% of the audience that we reach go and take deeper actions like becoming a new listener or adding a song to their playlist. That’s the kind of thing that’s really, really exciting about Spotify Advertising,” said Clarke.

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