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Kornuit beer serves thirsty fans videos they love

Kornuit made excellent use of Spotify’s understanding of context, with a high-impact campaign targeted to relevant audiences and moments.

  • 71%

    Ad Recall

    71% lift in recall of Kornuit ads.
  • 25%


    25% lift in awareness of the Kornuit brand.
  • 29%


    29% lift in agreement that “Kornuit beer is different compared to other brands of beer.”


Kornuit wanted to increase brand image and consideration, specifically for its lager beer, in the Netherlands among their core audience of millennials.


The folks at Kornuit know that life is “Made of Moments” — in fact, it’s their campaign’s tagline — and that’s also kind of Spotify’s thing. (We’ve got playlists for chilling, sleeping, showering, studying, you name it.) So we pulled our stools up to the bar and decided to work together to serve listeners in the Netherlands beer ads across a variety of relevant contexts. Specifically, Kornuit utilized our streaming intelligence to deliver a series of video ads made to resonate with specific playlists and dayparts. To borrow another Kornuit slogan, that’s verrassend fris! (Er, surprisingly fresh.)

Kornuit went with a video-only campaign to get the message out, using our Video Takeover format (which runs between songs) and Sponsored Sessions (where streamers are rewarded with 30 ad-free minutes for watching an ad). The creative itself was multifaceted, including one long video and five shorter ones highlighting actual moments — festivals, rooftop parties, home hangs, summer holidays, and urban outings. The video ads felt like calls to action (specifically, to “go frolic!”) in their own right.

Kornuit used daypart targeting to reach certain types of listeners with specifically tailored creative. For instance, their video highlighting the house party moment reached 18- to 30-year-olds specifically between 6PM and 6AM on Thursdays through Sundays — when people are most likely to be prepping for weekend parties (or already in full party mode). Each contextually relevant video was served to the right crowd, based on our audience segments. We were able to reach partiers, festival-goers, concert-goers, socialites, and more with the moment-themed videos.

By reaching the right people in the right moments, Kornuit drove impact in brand metrics across the board, from ad recall to awareness to brand perception. We’ll drink to that.


  • Thanks to a series of contextually relevant videos, Kornuit saw a 71% lift in ad recall of their ads compared to control.
  • By targeting specific activities and times of day, the ads drove a 25% lift in awareness of the Kornuit brand.
  • People loved the campaign, resulting in a 29% lift in brand perception ("Kornuit beer is different compared to other brands of beer") compared to control.
Formats: Video Takeover, Sponsored Sessions Market: Netherlands Flight: July 2018 - September 2018 Source: LeanLab, September 2018

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