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Exploring earth with the BBC

The furthest reaches of our planet don’t just look different. They sound different, too. Spotify and the BBC teamed up to give listeners a journey around the world, while championing a message of conservation. No passport required.

The challenge

Prove how the rich visual world of the BBC’s docu-series, Seven Worlds, One Planet, rests on the power of sound — including the dulcet tones of Sir David Attenborough and the calls of Mother Nature.

The big idea

Sure, we could’ve taken cuts of the show’s episodes and ran them as ads. But we knew it’d take a lot more than that to capture younger listeners’ interest. Armed with a library of the world’s highest-quality nature footage, a well-known host, and new reporting on animal populations that need our help the most, we wondered: How do we give Spotify fans a new way to see and hear the world around them?

The magic

When you’re deep in a playlist or podcast, the last thing you expect to hear is waves crashing. Or wind howling. Or birds and monkeys calling. Spotify and the BBC worked together to create 3D audio ads that briefly transported listeners to another world, followed by an instantly familiar voice: Sir David Attenborough. All together, the campaign brought the BBC’s iconic nature programming to a new generation of younger listeners — particularly the 16-34 crowd.

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Spotify x BBC

Those 3D audio ads led listeners to the Seven Worlds, One Planet experience on Spotify. The hub featured mini-episodes about each continent, as well as Academy award-winning composer Hans Zimmer’s original score. Special episodes of the BBC Earth podcast also helped fans dive even deeper into the topics covered by the show.

From the vivid soundscapes in each 3D audio ad to exclusive episodes on the BBC Earth Podcast, every single touchpoint celebrated Earth’s natural wonders — and why they’re worth protecting. We think Sir David would approve.

  • 16M

    Media Impressions

    Millions clicked, watched, and listened to the Seven Worlds, One Planet experience on Spotify.
  • 30%

    Share of viewers among 16- to 34-year-olds

    Younger Spotify fans were especially engaged, making up 30% of all campaign views.

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