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Chapter One: The power of Spotify ads

Where sight meets sound

Each month, millions of fans tune into Spotify, and they don’t just listen—they watch too. Combine audio and video ads for more impactful storytelling to reach the right audience, in the right way, at the right moment.

Today’s digital media consumer switches between audio and video any number of times throughout their day—from listening to a favorite playlist during a workout or commute, to watching video content on a lunch break or at home on the couch.

This trend is reflected on Spotify. While audio has long been our media staple, we’re now seeing a significant surge in video engagement, too. In fact, time spent with video on Spotify increased 48%—and among Gen Zs, a massive 136%—year over year1, driven by the influence of video podcasts.

For advertisers, this trend presents an opportunity to connect with audiences through new and exciting combinations of ad formats.

We recommend a multi-format approach to help you reach and engage listeners in different contexts, during different types of activities, and at different points in the customer journey.


  • 7/10

    ...respondents stated Spotify ads aid them in their purchase journey, citing a combination of multiple formats at different stages that were most effective throughout

Audio and beyond

Fans interact with the Spotify app for many reasons. Sure, they come to listen to their favorite music and podcasts—but they also spend time changing songs, discovering new music, curating a playlist, reading lyrics, and searching for what they want to play next. In short, Spotify users actively—and frequently—engage with the app while streaming content.

Video ads are only served when the app is in focus. Meaning advertisers can be confident their carefully crafted ads are heard and seen.

What's more, research shows that audio + video campaigns perform better than audio-only campaigns.2


  • 7%

    ...higher Brand Awareness³

  • 7%

    ...higher Message Association⁴

  • 27%

    ...higher Purchase Intent⁵


  1. Spotify First Party Data, Q2 2023 2, 3, 4, 5. US Nielsen Brand Effect & Kantar Brand Lift Insights, Data through 2023

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