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The year on Spotify: Valentine’s Day

Empowerment, friendship, and a few ideas to spice things up. Welcome the heart of all things V-day on Spotify. Here’s how to cuddle up and connect with listeners during the most (or sometimes least) romantic of times.

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Heartfelt connection in all its forms reigns supreme on Valentine’s Day. And on Spotify, besties and independent women paint a story of modern love. Case in point: in February, women make playlists to express “best friends forever” at a heightened pace.

And let’s be real—it’s not always all about love. Women are striking a new chord and are championing independence, as streams of empowering playlists surge.

  • 2 min

    Besties press play

    Every 2 minutes in February 2020 a new “Galentine’s Day” playlist was created

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, Jan-Feb 2020, playlist names including galentine/s, friend, gal, bestie, bffs, best friend, friend
Women are more likely to turn up tunes that give them strength

  • 5x

    5x more likely to stream empowering playlists over romantic playlists

  • 3x

    3x more likely to stream empowering playlists over melancholy playlists

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, Female Listeners, 2/13/2020 - 2/15/2020

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Valentine’s day really brings out all types of feels. So from “be mine” to “buzz off,” Spotify’s got the soundtrack for whatever the romantic mood may be.

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