5 steps to elevate your audio ads with Spotify

Already created audio files from previous radio or TV ads? Repurpose them on Spotify ads to target your audience more effectively.


  1. Target millions of listeners worldwide.

  2. Target specific audiences by location, age and contextual behavior.

  3. Measure ad performance, CPMs, and budget pacing in real time.

  4. Set your budget—and ensure you don’t overspend.

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Setting up a Spotify music ad campaign is easy. Simply follow the five steps below and you'll be ready to reach millions of listeners on Spotify.

Create an account if you are new to Spotify Ad Studio

To get started, you'll need a Spotify Ad Studio account. Once you’ve created your account, you'll land on the overview page. Click ‘Create campaign’ in the right topic corner.

Set your objectives and ad format

Enter your campaign name and what you are promoting. Choose the ad format.

Define your target audience & budget

Next, choose your target audience based on their country, age, gender, interest, context, and genres. Then define an ad schedule for when you want the ad to run, and choose what time of day you’d like to display it. You can also set your budget limit to prevent overspending.

Upload your ad

Upload your existing audio file. Make sure your file is in .mp4 file format.

Monitor your Spotify ad’s success

With access to a variety of listener metrics for ads served on Spotify, you can track your performance as your ad runs. The metrics include delivery, audio play time and audience results.

Ready to repurpose your audio ads?