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Spotify Ad Studio expands into new global markets, moves out of beta

We launched Spotify Ad Studio to give you a fast, budget-friendly way to connect with Spotify listeners, easily make audio ads from scratch, and reach your advertising goals. Businesses of all sizes as well as both established and new artists have created ads on Ad Studio — over 75,000 since launching.1 To show our continued investment in Ad Studio and the businesses and artists that use it, we’re moving the platform out of beta.

What does that mean? Aside from saying farewell to the beta tag in our logo, it means Ad Studio will be available in more countries this year. To start, last month we launched Ad Studio in New Zealand to join the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We received great feedback from our tests in New Zealand, and are excited to help more businesses and artists throughout the country be heard on Spotify.

“Spotify Ad Studio has been a fantastic platform for Harmoney to manage media performance, build reach, and craft localized creative from a single view. It's easy to use and gives you all the right information to make informed marketing decisions. As a new brand seeking cut-through in the personal loans market, we needed our target audience to hear our message and we needed to maximize every advertising dollar towards ROAS. Spotify advertising combines the best of both traditional mass media with the pinpoint accuracy of digital marketing.”
- Glen MacKellaig, Head of Marketing for Harmoney, an online lending marketplace in New Zealand and Australia

As a next step in our expansion, we’re testing an initial, English-only version of Ad Studio in 17 new markets across the globe with select advertisers. These additional markets include Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. We’re also planning to launch versions of Ad Studio in Mexico and Spain later this year that are fully translated into local languages.

Here’s what one Ad Studio tester at a music agency in Italy said of their experience:

“What sets Ad Studio apart from other platforms is the ability to target advertising campaigns to fans of artists, and it also gives you access to information that helps you better understand how users use Spotify (who listens, from where and so on). And the chance to create a voiceover within the platform, in addition to the cost savings, makes the finished product more Spotify-friendly, giving institutionality and continuity to clients’ commercials.”
- Roberto Marrone, Head of Artist Distribution at Believe

Interested advertisers in these countries can sign up for Ad Studio and a Spotify representative will reach out if they’re a good fit for the test. And though the platform itself will be English-only for now, audio ads can be created in local languages using our voiceover tool at no additional cost. This is key for advertisers who may not have the resources to create their own audio ads from scratch — 37% of Ad Studio customers rely on our free voiceover tool for ad creation.2

In coming out of beta, we aim to help more businesses and artists around the world get in the ears of listeners. We look forward to helping you reach the audiences that matter most.

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1 Spotify first-party data, as of March 21, 2020 2 Spotify first-party data

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