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Our innovative personalized Release Radar playlist is available to sponsor

Reach your audience as they hear the latest from their favorite artists.

Every Friday, Spotify listeners around the world tune into their personalized Release Radar playlist to hear the freshest songs from their own favorite artists. Now in its fifth year, the beloved playlist has reached over 16 billion streams since it launched in 2016, becoming a top-three personalized playlist for listeners in North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC.1

Today, we’re excited to unlock Release Radar for sponsorship for the first time, giving brands the perfect opportunity to align with a playlist at the center of innovation and culture.

Release Radar is where listeners turn to hear the latest from artists they love—and since it auto-updates every week with music from the last six days, users know they’ll always be experiencing something new. With this open mindset, they’re also ready to hear something new from brands—and that’s where your message comes in. Release Radar is the ideal setting for advertisers to introduce new products, services, and IP.

Disney+ will serve as the first launch sponsor of this new opportunity, with a campaign for their latest special Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles, a cinematic concert experience from Billie Eilish that premiered globally on September 3. A Release Radar sponsorship was the natural place to promote the innovative, forward-thinking work of this already-iconic artist.

Release Radar is now the third always-on personalized playlist we’ve made available for sponsorship—joining our flagship playlist Discover Weekly and global fan favorite On Repeat. All of these opportunities help brands deliver personalized experiences that engage with audiences in unique ways: Discover Weekly is all about helping listeners explore unexpected sounds; On Repeat keeps listeners into their current jams; Release Radar lets brands tap into the thrill of a new release from a favorite artist.

With Release Radar, brands get the chance to exclusively sponsor a deeply personalized environment tied to innovation and the forefront of what’s driving culture for individual listeners. Here’s what that means for your brand:

  • Tap into innovation and culture: Increase positive brand association within a personalized, innovative, and culturally relevant environment.
  • Personalization at scale: Reach a diverse group of listeners in a personalized experience year-round.
  • Reach listeners with an open mindset: Own the moments when Spotify listeners are ready to be exposed to something new and undiscovered.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team for more info about the opportunity and how to get started.

1 Spotify First Party Data

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