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Outside Voice celebrates 100 years of WACL with Season 4 launch

Outside Voice is back for its fourth season. Spotify Advertising’s long-running annotated playlist series amplifies the voices, perspectives and opinions of professionals from historically underrepresented communities across the creative and marketing industries—and this year it returns ahead of Cannes Lions 2023 where it will take center stage.

As always, each episode of Outside Voice invites curators to create original playlists featuring their favorite music alongside spoken-word annotations, giving listeners a chance to hear their personal stories and words of wisdom.

To kick off season four, we’ve expanded the program by partnering with leading advertising organization WACL (Women in Advertising and Communications, Leadership), in celebration of its 100th anniversary.

About WACL

Women leaders make powerful role models and not just for other women. Research suggests that if leaders were judged solely in terms of the traits that are most valued and effective, 70% of leaders would be female.1 But women are still woefully underrepresented at the most senior levels in advertising and communications.

WACL aims to change that by improving female representation in key roles, addressing the industry’s persistent gender pay gap, creating more inclusive cultures, and ultimately creating more equitable and more productive workplaces for everyone.

Its growing membership counts over 250 senior women drawn from client organizations, agencies, media owners and trade bodies—and four of its most accomplished members sat down with Spotify to reflect on their own personal journeys, passions, and career highlights.

Joining us in the studio were WACL President and Co-CEO of Quiet Storm Agency Rania Robinson, former WACL President Carol Reay, WPP’s UK President Karen Blackett OBE, plus WACL VP and Google’s Senior Director of Marketing Nishma Patel Robb.

Thoughts on AI: A threat to creativity, or the creative solution we all need?

Our four playlist curators had plenty to say about the personal challenges they’ve faced in their own careers—as well as the challenges potentially faced by the next generation of creatives and marketing professionals. In particular, AI, and its impact on the future of creativity.

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Plug into the playlists below to hear our curators' stories—and take away actionable insights that may inspire you to speak up as an outside voice, and nurture inclusivity in your own workspace.

Outside Voice takes to the stage

The collaboration between WACL and Spotify will take center stage at Spotify Beach, Cannes Lions 2023, where Rania Robinson will represent both WACL and Outside Voice during the “Connecting to the Sound of Culture” masterclass on Wednesday, June 21. Keep an eye on our social channels for ongoing coverage.


  1. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: Why We Should Be More Sexist, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, TEDxCambridge, June 2019

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