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Myke Towers drops his Outside Voice playlist to honor Hispanic Heritage Month

Outside Voice is Spotify Advertising’s long-running annotated playlist series that amplifies the voices, perspective and opinions of BIPOC professionals across the creative and marketing industries.

Aligned with National Hispanic Heritage Month, our September playlist features reggaetón artist Myke Towers—one of Puerto Rico’s premier talents. This playlist will be presented by Starbucks, a first-time sponsor of the Outside Voice series.

For a voice that’s amassed tens of millions of monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s hard to believe there was a time when he lacked confidence. But—by his own admission—that’s how Myke Towers felt before his rise to international fame and acclaim as a recording artist. “It all started at school,” says Myke. “At that time I didn’t have the confidence [to record music]. When I listened to my songs, I didn’t like my voice—it was like listening to a little kid. I felt like people weren’t going to relate to my music. To get comfortable with my voice, it took me at least eight months. It was a process.”

After a breakthrough live performance in La Perla—an iconic San Juan neighborhood where reggaetón reigns supreme—that all changed. “It was packed,” Myke remembers. “I’d never seen crowds like that in my career before. I was a little nervous, but I really took advantage of the moment and performed [like an experienced artist]. That show gave me confidence because… if you make it in Puerto Rico, you can make it anywhere.”

Myke Towers, recording artist

“I like to make music that any human being can relate to, or at least feel what I'm trying to say. The main focus of my creativity is to be the voice of my generation.”

Today, Myke’s voice couldn’t be louder. Earlier this year, prior to the drop of his new album, “La Vida Es Una”—which included collabs with the likes of Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, and Arcángel—he shared details about his creative process in an interview with the New York Times. And this month, in collaboration with Spotify Advertising, he’s using it to celebrate Hispanic culture and inspire young, budding creatives from Hispanic communities, with big dreams of their own.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is very important to me because our voice is getting listened to. We’ve always been there, but I feel at this time people realize [that] this is a big community,” he explains. “Whenever I go to any Latin place, they receive me as if I were in Puerto Rico… so that’s why I felt the connection… We are all one.”

“The best advice I have for people who are trying to make it in the music [industry] is to be patient… and to never forget where you were when you were dreaming. That will be your motivation to keep moving up.”

Get Myke’s whole story and discover the music that’s inspired him along the way, below.

Whether you’re a young BIPOC creator with big dreams in the creative industry, a marketer who’s looking to create more inclusive work—or just somebody who wants to support diverse creators—we hope Myke’s words inspire you to take action, and tap into your outside voice.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Outside Voice to hear from more creatives who are using their talents and platforms to elevate underrepresented communities.

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