Our personalized playlist On Repeat is now available to sponsor

Reach your audience as they stream their favorite songs of the moment.

You know those songs you just can’t stop listening to? On Spotify, we’ve made it easier for listeners to get even more of their current favorites with On Repeat. This playlist helps listeners keep track of what they’ve been playing most over the past 30 days, auto-updating to ensure that it’s always fresh. Now with a whopping 12 billion streams worldwide, the personalized playlist has grown to become a global fan favorite.

That’s why we’re excited to unlock On Repeat for end-to-end sponsorship by advertisers in 30 markets across the globe. This will give advertisers yet another opportunity to connect with their audience during a deeply engaging moment on Spotify and drive better brand outcomes. With this new ad experience, we’re continuing to leverage the power of our Streaming Intelligence to deliver contextually relevant ads alongside the content our users love. It’s a win-win for Spotify Free listeners and brands alike.

TurboTax will be reaching their audience in these highly engaged moments as the first U.S. sponsor of On Repeat. "Like music, taxes are not one size fits all. Every tax situation is unique and every individual's needs are different,” said Cathleen Ryan, VP of Marketing for TurboTax. “We’re using Spotify’s deep connection to its engaged listeners to get in front of consumers and show them that with TurboTax you can get the expertise you need on your terms. With Spotify, we're able to get both reach and unique targeting that ensures the right audiences know about the tools, guidance and expertise that TurboTax offers."

On Repeat is now the second always-on personalized playlist we’ve made available for sponsorship — joining our flagship playlist Discover Weekly. Both of these opportunities are part of a broader strategy intended to help brands deliver personalized experiences and engage with audiences, yet each is unique. For example, Discover Weekly is all about newness and helping listeners discover and explore songs they’ve never heard before. With On Repeat, advertisers can reach listeners while they’re diving into their current favorites. Here’s what that means for your brand:

  • Increase brand awareness. Get your message heard in a personalized context alongside your audience’s favorite songs, driving awareness and positive brand association.
  • Connect with audiences at scale. Reach engaged audiences at scale all year round, ensuring maximum flexibility and relevance.
  • Own the moment. Maximize top-of-mind awareness with exclusive sponsorship of one of Spotify’s most popular owned & operated playlists. Drive sponsorship engagement with native promotion and in-playlist media.

Sponsoring On Repeat lets you tap into Spotify’s unique understanding of our listeners — connecting with your audience on a platform they trust, as they stream the songs they love. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team for more info about the opportunity and how to get started.

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