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New to Ad Studio: Tailor your campaign with clear objectives

Ad Studio advertisers can now select the objective that best meets their advertising needs—and run one audio or video ad across both music and podcast inventory on Spotify.

At Spotify Advertising HQ, we’re constantly working to improve our self-serve ad manager, Ad Studio, in order to give advertisers even greater flexibility, efficiency, and results.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the latest rollout for Ad Studio: Objectives, and Automatic placement.

Together, these features make it easier than ever to build campaigns on Spotify that align with your advertising goals—whether that’s to drive awareness or more meaningful consideration for your brand and product. Below, we explain how.

What are objectives in Ad Studio?

Objectives in Ad Studio ensure your message is heard by the right audience, whether they’re listening to music or podcasts on the Spotify app.

When starting a new campaign, you can choose from three objectives:
Reach helps your ad to be seen or heard by as many people as possible.
Impressions aims to deliver your message as many times as possible, even if to the same person more than once.
Clicks increase the chances of listeners visiting your website after they’ve heard your ad.

When creating a new campaign, select automatic placement to prioritize getting more listeners to hear and see your ads. Our auction will focus on getting your message heard by the most relevant audience based on your delivery goal, regardless of what they’re listening to. You’ll be able to run one audio or video ad across both music and podcast inventory on Spotify.

Podcast ads in Ad Studio

Podcasts are the new primetime, with listeners tuning into their favorite shows much as they do a beloved television series. But there's a big difference between podcasts and TV: while studies show just 17% of TV viewers are receptive to ads, 43% of listeners are open to hearing ads in a podcast.1

To help brands of all sizes easily advertise on podcasts, Spotify launched podcast ads for Ad Studio users in the U.S. back in 2021—and it's now available to advertisers in Canada and the UK, too.

So, now your Spotify ad—whether audio or video—could surface while your audience is jamming to their favorite playlist, or while they’re locked into their most streamed podcast.

  • 317M

    Monthly active ad-supported Spotify listeners

    (as of April 2023)2
  • 56%

    incremental lift in reach when running ads across both music and podcasts

    (Based on the average of Ad Studio advertisers using automatic placement for the first time compared to those running ads in music only)3

Creating your ad is simple

With Ad Studio, advertisers and small business owners get high-quality creative at no extra cost. They also benefit from Spotify's best practices for effectiveness. By creating ads with a conversational script that match the context of brand-safe music and podcast content, you can tap into the intimate, digital audio experience—allowing you to connect with listeners when they're fully immersed.

Already made your creative? Simply upload it to Ad Studio and we’ll get your message heard across music and podcasts.

10 steps to Ad Studio success

So let’s sum up what you can now do in Ad Studio, to give you full control over your advertising campaign—from planning and management to measuring results:

  1. Choose an objective that best meets your business’s advertising goal
  2. Reach both music and podcast listeners
  3. Leverage the power of machine learning to help you achieve your goal
  4. Choose your ad set flight dates, or run an always-on ad set to maintain a constant presence on Spotify
  5. Select an average daily budget, or a lifetime budget amount to spend through the entire length of your campaign
  6. Use “Estimated results” to check whether your ad set is likely to deliver based on your objective, targeting, and budget (and be sure to note the recommended bid cap for your ad set)
  7. Upload your audio or video ad creative to Ad Studio or leave it to our professional production service to write the script, record the voiceover, and produce your ad at no additional cost
  8. Easily launch your campaign and wait for the results to come in
  9. Measure the success of your campaign by analyzing results in Ad Studio
  10. Learn, iterate, and relaunch your campaign with newfound insights

Ready to kick off your next self-serve advertising campaign?

Set yourself up for success with objectives and automatic placement in Ad Studio. Get started on your next campaign today.

  1. Spotify x MAGNA, “Digital Audio Expansiveness: Growing Landscape & Opportunities” US, Q1 2021
  2. Spotify Q1 Earnings Report. April 2023
  3. Spotify Advertising used historical data from Jan ‘22 to March ‘23 to calculate a historical average for this time period. How we define incremental reach: The reach relative to what Ad Studio advertisers would have achieved in the first month of their campaigns had they spent on music ads only, compared to running music and podcast ads.

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