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Introducing Multi-Ad Campaign Creation: A dynamic Ad Studio feature

Your product has broad, multidimensional appeal. Why should your self-serve ad manager be any different?

Creating a robust, multi-pronged ad campaign on Spotify Ad Studio is simple. With one click, you can build multiple ads or ad sets seamlessly under one campaign—and potentially have an even bigger impact on your audience.

Variety is the spice of life

An effective ad campaign contains multiple ad sets—or categories—with a few different ads in each one. This variation allows for broader reach, fine-tuned messaging, and more options to choose from.

Ad Studio has always enabled the creation of multiple ads and ad sets, but until now this was only possible across separate creation flows. With this feature, not only can you continue to choose your own ad creative, target audience, and format—you can also change these features around as much as you like within multiple ad sets.

Use one set to target an audience interested in healthcare, and another for listeners drawn to lifestyle or travel content. Target US listeners with one set and Canadians with another. Change up the script as often as you like. The possibilities are endless—and easy to navigate—in one consolidated area within Ad Studio.

Just hit the "Create" button on the sidebar navigation bar in Ad Studio to start creating multifaceted campaigns today.

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Test ads in real-time

When running multiple ad campaigns, it can be helpful to compare ads or ad sets to one another. Which one had the best listener completion rate, for example—and what conclusions can you draw for the next quarterly ad sales budget? Which ad had the most engagement? What role does the creative play when it comes to targeting your audience?

The new Ad Studio feature shows you real-time metrics and side-by-side comparisons of ad performance across multiple ad sets. You'll know right away if something is working or if you need to tweak your ads for better and stronger results.

Create your next multi-ad campaign with one easy click on Ad Studio.

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