How audio is giving CPG brands a competitive edge

Some CPG ads have had a long, prosperous shelf life. “Share a Coke,” anyone? But customers and the retail environment are changing dramatically. The old playbook is being rewritten as we speak.

Today’s consumers are less likely to settle for a slogan alone. They want to know the purpose and philosophy behind your brand. They want brands to be engaged with culture—not detached or “above the fray.” And they want brands to reflect their diversity and capture their individual style.

Meanwhile, shelves displaying products like soap or lipstick are no longer contained only to brick-and-mortar stores. Shoppers who live largely online aren’t likely to see products sitting next to competitors. Instead, they stumble upon CPG products in their privately curated worlds of friends and feeds.

CPG brands are transitioning from clever taglines to rich narratives, and in the process they’re getting to know shoppers better. And since shoppers are listening to their favorite music and podcasts wherever they go, Spotify is uniquely positioned to help brands understand what these shoppers want. Pairing that intimate understanding of your audience with the right ad format leads to big wins: Audio ad exposure on Spotify drives an average 94% lift in ad recall.1 Here’s more about what audio can do for your brand.

1 Spotify Nielsen Brand Effect Branchmarks March 2020 (audio-only CPG campaigns)

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