The Recap: Spotify Beach at Cannes Lions 2024

Last week, Spotify Beach returned to The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity with a star-studded schedule. In this recap, we reflect on some of the top takeaways from our daytime panels—and how they can help drive results for your business or brand.

Creativity thrives on Spotify. It’s what makes our world go round, and the reason that our platform has over 100M songs as well as 5M podcasts and audiobooks for fans to stream—whenever, wherever, and however they want.

The culture-defining creators behind this work build personal connections with fans, which in turn fuels further creativity. Take podcast Q&As, for instance—an increasingly popular method of obtaining direct feedback from listeners to help podcasters create content they know is in demand. Plus,

For brands with their own audiences to engage, this constant cycle opens up a rich world of creative opportunity—in fact, 87% of advertisers we asked agree that Spotify allows them to be more creative than any other platform.1

Here are three key takeaways from our daylist-themed daytime panels at Cannes Lions 2024, to help you find and fuel that creative spark.

1. How to build your brand with authenticity and creative spirit

In 2024, being ‘authentic’ as a brand is par for the marketing course. Stay true to yourself, and your audience will respect you for it—veer off path with an insincere tone or message, and you’ll pay a heavy price.

However, demonstrating that authenticity in an impactful way is often where the challenge lies. And taking a creative, collaborative and thoughtful approach is often the solution—as several of our guest speakers at Spotify Beach could attest to.

John Legend, Musician, Entrepreneur

“The secret to creativity is being a good collaborator—a lot of my biggest songs have been collaborations. Even though I’m still responsible for the creative content that comes out of those co-writing sessions, a lot of it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t in the room with someone else to help. Be humble enough to know that you don’t know everything.”

Heather Freeland, Chief Brand Officer at Adobe

“Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to stand up and tell your story—it’s that authenticity that is key. When we work with creators, our story comes across in a much more authentic way. You don’t need to partner with the big celebrities. Explore those new mediums and push yourself to find new ways to bring your brand story to life.”

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2. How to create community and stand out from the crowd

Without fans, the creative flywheel stops spinning. Any artist—or indeed any brand—knows that listening to fans’ feedback and delivering what they want is the key to success. Enable that feedback loop in a way that invites open dialogue and builds trust, and you’re actively creating a community.

Jake Shane, Podcast Host

“The basis of my content in general is that it’s always been a two-way street. For the skits, it was people giving their suggestions in the comments. And on Spotify you have the QA feature which I use for my podcast.”

Brad Ross, VP Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing & Partnerships, The Coca-Cola Company

“We want to connect with consumers through the things they care about, and music is probably one of the biggest passion points around the world. When we partner with artists like Peggy Gou, we are looking to really tap into their audiences through things they already do. They know their audiences better than we ever could.”

There are many ways for brands to create and grow a community on Spotify, from working closely with creators to leverage their influence and fandoms, to creating themed and branded playlists that fans can add songs to.

3. How to leverage tech like AI to grow your brand or business

On Wednesday, Xavier "X" Jernigan—the voice behind Spotify’s AI-powered DJ—joined Spotify’s Global Head of Music Partnerships & Audience, Joe Hadley for a deep dive into the ever-evolving landscape of creativity and authenticity in the era of artificial intelligence.

Xavier "X" Jernigan, Head of Cultural Partnerships at Spotify, and the voice of Spotify’s DJ

“When we set out to create DJ, step one was training the voice model to make sure it sounded human, and like me. Then we put Generative AI into the hands of our music experts, culture experts, data curators, and scriptwriters, to arm DJ with knowledge and expertise. We even put a personal touch on it to make it feel natural to my voice—like, how I would say something, or what phrases I would normally use. In fact, every time I realized I was saying a phrase I used a lot, I’d write it down in a notebook to make sure it was incorporated into the script.”

Spotify’s AI-driven features like DJ create a deeply personalized experience for every user through a blend of cutting-edge technology and human editorial expertise. This is how AI can be a real game changer for brands—leveraging tech that’s AI-driven and authentically reflects the current cultural landscape, while connecting fans more deeply with what they love, be that an artist, a seasonal moment, or even a particular brand.

With that, we’ll soon be launching ‘Quick Audio’, a Generative AI tool available exclusively in Spotify Ads Manager, which will enable self-serve advertisers to create scripts and voiceovers with ease, speed, and at scale. Watch this space!

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