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Millennials on Spotify: The gaming moment

Millennials use Spotify to replace the regular game soundtrack with their own chosen music. If you want to reach gamers, be conversational and keep it quick — they’ll want to get back to chasing that high score ASAP.

Who's listening in this moment?

No surprise here, but our first-party data shows that those who stream while gaming are likely tech early adopters. Dads are also top streamers while gaming. This is a great opportunity to surface messaging about your latest must-have gadget.

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Shane, from Australia, told us he needs techno to complement his gaming sessions.

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Abby, from the US, likes to replace the game’s soundtrack with her own tunes.

Top gaming genres

Gamers listen to a wide variety of music while playing, from intense dwn trap to Antiviral Pop and even more classic adult standards.

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How to reach millennials in the gaming moment

Gamers are actively replacing their gaming soundtracks with their own music choices to personalize their experience. There’s an opportunity for marketers to tap into this and reach their audience on-console in real-time. Additionally, marketers can target gamers across platforms to reinforce their message later with multimedia formats.

Marketers can also use game-specific playlists to inform creative messaging and inspire ideas. Game-specific playlists, created to listen to while playing games like “Fortnite Battle Royale,” are hugely popular on Spotify and can offer a lot of context about the game someone is playing. You can use these inputs to craft creative messaging that is relevant to the game’s theme and stay authentic to the experience of the gamer.

Keep the messaging quick and keep your call to action simple. Because gaming is often social, don’t expect gamers to pause the game to click on a link. Instead, take a cue from Intel and McDonald’s and use this opportunity to introduce a memorable chime, jingle, or phrase to reinforce your sonic branding.

If you are looking to tease gamers with a new game in this moment, think carefully about the game soundtrack and how you can tie it memorably and consistently into your messaging. Similar to your logo or tagline, it is another opportunity for brand recognition. Additionally, use your storyline and characters to inspire personalized messaging or sponsored playlists. Gamers love easter eggs, and you could even hide some in a playlist or in a game to unlock tracks.

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