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Millennials on Spotify: The workout moment

47% of millennials stream while they work out — often to keep them pumped and distracted from the pain. To connect with fitness enthusiasts, it’s important to keep the energy moving and match your message to the beat.

Who’s listening in this moment?

No surprise here, but according to Spotify’s streaming intelligence, millennials who stream while they workout are likely health gurus. However, recently engaged couples are also likely top listeners, which means brands have an opportunity to create messaging that truly resonates with couples working on their fitness.

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Janine, from the US, uses intense rock music to pump her up at the gym.

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Benjamin, from the UK, makes his own gym mix to stay uplifted.

Top workout genres

Fast-paced Big Room (126 to 132 bpm) is the top genre, with the bouncy and aggressive sound of Dirty South Rap coming in second. Finally, the encouraging and positive sounds of Canadian Pop also keep people pumped.

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How to reach millennials in the workout moment

When working out, millennials are not going to be leaning into their screen as much as in other moments, like chilling or working. Focus on audio rather than multimedia and introduce a memorable sound (like an audio logo) or message, rather than ask them to engage further.

For this moment, make sure your messaging taps into their defiant mindset and energizes them. Keep the tempo high and make sure the sounds of your creative are not invasive. Introduce your message in content that matches the general pace of the playlist through our real-time playlist targeting or genre and subgenre targeting.

Consider working with fitness influencers to help curate an audio streaming experience. This can be particularly successful when you tie it to a real, live event, like the campaign John Hancock timed for the Boston Marathon.

Think about opportunities to reach fitness enthusiasts outside of this moment as well. For example, Gatorade tapped into a pre-workout moment, using Spotify’s streaming intelligence to enable fitness enthusiasts to create workout playlists tailored to their tastes.

Overall, remember to keep the experience seamless and personalized. As one millennial male told us: “Ads need to be tailored to what you’re listening to. They shouldn’t interrupt the flow. Be an overlay in the listening.” This advice can really help direct the sounds and music in your creative: think soothing yoga chants, upbeat running beats or motivational music.

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