With in-car targeting, heycar drives huge lifts

Through Spotify’s audience targeting solutions, heycar addressed various car-relevant segments, from general auto enthusiasts to SUV buyers (and many more).

  • 177%


    177% lift in awareness of heycar compared to control.
  • 280%


    280% lift in agreement that heycar is innovative compared to control.
  • 450%


    450% lift in intent to use heycar compared to control.


Through promoting their online used-car marketplace, heycar aimed to generate awareness of the brand’s innovative services and, ahem, drive usage intent.


Germany’s heycar created a high-quality used-car portal that’s friendly to both sellers and consumers, so it’s only natural the brand came to Spotify to get the word out. That’s because we pride ourselves on our ability to connect fans and advertisers in ways that benefit both — by making the most out of context. The brand utilized Spotify’s streaming intelligence to let our engaged audience know exactly what they have to offer: over 400,000 carefully inspected second-hand vehicles, all of which come with a warranty, and no car with more than 8 years or 150,000 KM on it. That level of quality control is part of heycar’s commitment to trust and transparency.

The brand also targeted Road Trip playlists on the platform. But heycar got the biggest results by delivering a clever audio spot to listeners who were streaming in-car, using real-time context.

Note: The ad is in German, so we’ve translated it for you:

“You sit in your car and look around you. Your sight wanders from the passenger seat, over the dashboard, to the steering wheel — and your inner voice speaks to you: 'Hey, it's time for something new.' Find the perfect used car... on heycar. Almost like new, and all with warranty. heycar — used cars with warranty.”

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As a young company operating in a market rife with consumer skepticism about fees, clunkers, and predatory pricing, it was important to heycar that their campaign ran in a high-quality ad environment — and that Spotify could measure the impact of their campaign. Thanks to their contextual creative, impact was extraordinary across the board. While the numbers above and below speak volumes, it’s worth noting that the in-car stats were even more impressive: a whopping 315% lift in awareness, and a staggering 800% lift in intent! By putting context in the front seat, heycar accelerated brand growth.


  • By advertising on a well-loved platform that prioritizes the importance of finding the right context for the right message, heycar saw 177% lift in brand awareness.
  • With a clear message that emphasized heycar’s commitment to making used-car-buying easy and safe, they saw a 280% lift in agreement that their brand is innovative.
  • In pairing Spotify’s robust streaming intelligence with creative that spoke to listeners’ real-time context, heycar saw a 450% lift in intent to use their service.
Formats: Audio Everywhere, Overlay Market: Germany Flight: June 2019 Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, June 2019 Contact Us

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