European leading sneakers platform WETHENEW walks the walk with a fresh audio ad

Online French E-commerce platform, WETHENEW, offers an array of authentic, limited-edition sneakers and streetwear. In preparation for the highly anticipated 2022 holiday season, the company launched an engaging retail advertising campaign on Spotify to enhance brand visibility. Their goal was to expand their reach and establish the brand as the go-to platform for fashionable streetwear and sneakers in France.

Media Mix:

Brand vertical: E-commerce, Fashion, Retail
Objective: Awareness, Engagement
Target audience: Listeners Aged 16-34, urbain, fashion
Market: France
Flight length: 12/6/2022—12/22/2022
Format: Audio, Video

The Brief:

The hottest sneaker brands practically fly off store shelves when they're first released—which means the secondary market for new or gently used kicks is booming. WETHENEW helps meet this sky-high demand by partnering with tens of thousands of resellers all across Europe.

Having seen strong growth year over year, WETHENEW wanted to break into different European markets. The company's holiday campaign aimed to reach a young and urban audience in France, where they hoped to stand out in an increasingly saturated advertising space. Music, art and pop culture bear strong influences on one another—and artists' aesthetics often show up in the latest fashions. As the world's most popular streaming subscription service, there were obvious synergies between Spotify and WETHENEW. Digital audio provided a fresh take on traditional sneaker advertising.

The Solution:

WETHENEW launched a seasonal audio ad in lockstep with the theme of "unboxing the gift of your dreams." The ads encouraged buyers to embrace the latest streetwear trends of the season, and do their holiday sneaker shopping on the platform.

The brand's internal team produced the ad creative, and collaborated with Spotify's specialized ads team to create a horizontal and vertical video campaign, with creative shot from inside a gift box as it was unwrapped to bring the vibe full circle.

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Hear the spot for yourself

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The Impact:

After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback on their first campaign, WETHENEW plans to continue investing in Spotify ads. The digital campaign on Spotify surpassed the client's expectations, with a 98% completion rate on audio ads and a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 0.98% on the horizontal video ads. According to WETHENEW, the campaign eclipsed results they had seen from similar campaigns on other advertising platforms.

  • 98%

    Completion Rate

  • .98%

    Click Through Rate

The Takeaway:

At the crossroads of music, entertainment, and art, Spotify is an apt venue for brands hoping to reach young and dynamic audience segments—especially among millennials and Gen Z. For companies eager to talk to an urban and culturally connected listener base, partnering with Spotify is an unbeatable collab.

"When the leader in music streaming meets the number one platform in the sale of limited sneakers in France, we can only observe a fusional union opening the way to a still unexploited playground. We would also like to mention the fluidity and quality of the support that Spotify has offered us. We had excellent support and our Account Manager, Nordine, worked with us with great professionalism. This partnership and support has helped us to reach our objectives more than expected."

-Téo, SEA Manager

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WETHENEW gets into the holiday spirit

To kickstart their campaign, WETHENEW launched a 30-second video ad in December to boost holiday sneaker shopping on the platform. Check it out right here!
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