Tropicana refreshes sales with contextual ads

Tropicana boosted their sales by taking advantage of Spotify’s streaming intelligence to reach the right listeners with contextual messaging that matched their moment.

  • +8%

    Buy Rate

    Tropicana saw an 8% lift in dollar amount spent by households on their single-serve products.
  • +11%

    Sales Lift

    The campaign boosted in-store sales for the company’s single-serve products by 11%.


Tropicana wanted to increase household penetration and overall buy rate for their single-serve orange juice by focusing on the consumer’s journey as they navigate their daily routine.


Tropicana is practically synonymous with orange juice — but OJ isn’t always thought of as an on-the-go drink. By bringing their “Made to Go” campaign to Spotify, Tropicana set out to connect with consumers in key moments as they shuffle from one activity to the next, driving home the message that a single-serve bottle of orange juice is the perfect accompaniment to a busy, active life.

Tropicana made the most of Spotify’s streaming intelligence by targeting commuters, fitness enthusiasts, grocery buyers, and other specific segments that matched their messaging. They also used playlist targeting, reaching people as they streamed in moments like working out, getting ready, traveling, focusing, and chilling out. Plus, they used in-car targeting to reach streamers who were really on the move with audio.

And even better, Tropicana’s ads matched the shifting context of their audience. Their series of videos showed people reaching for OJ in the same moments: after an urban bicycle commute, during mother-daughter yoga, or in a moment of quiet on the train. Each includes jaunty music and the words, “Vitamin C, Made to Go.” That healthful message carries over to the audio ads, which tied to specific activities with copy like, “Another solid workout smash? Check. But you know a healthy routine doesn’t end with exercise...” Others speak directly to commuters: “Your cup holder could be carrying the great fresh taste of Tropicana — instead of old receipts.”

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This was one of Tropicana’s biggest pushes of the year, so they utilized a full suite of Spotify ad experiences to deliver their message. With Audio Everywhere, Desktop and Mobile Overlay, and Leaderboard displays, they ensured maximum exposure. They also used Sponsored Sessions, which gives listeners the ability to watch a video in exchange for 30 minutes of ad-free streaming.

That combination of strategic outreach and custom creative was as invigorating as the product itself. There was also a fun side effect as fans on social media began clamoring for the bespoke, sadly not-for-sale Tropicana backpacks and totes that appeared in the ads. It’s safe to say they’ll still find other ways to take their OJ on the go.


  • Thanks to a campaign that demonstrated the convenience of single-serve orange juice bottles, Tropicana saw an 8% lift in dollar amount spent by households.
  • By serving up smart creative that acknowledged their audience’s changing context, Tropicana drove an 11% in-store sales lift for their single-serve products.
Formats: Audio Everywhere, Desktop & Mobile Overlay, Leaderboard, Sponsored Sessions Market: U.S. Flight: March — April 2018 Source: Spotify Nielsen Catalina Solutions Sales Lift Analysis, 2018 Contact Us

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