Traveling to 1969 with Sony Pictures

Music plays a leading role in each of Quentin Tarantino’s films — especially his masterpiece, *Once Upon a Time...In Hollywoo*d. We teamed up with Sony Pictures to immerse fans in Tarantino’s world, with a far-out custom experience on Spotify.

The challenge

To build hype for the summer of 2019’s most-anticipated movie premiere, Sony Pictures wanted to whisk people away to the golden-age glamour of Hollywood in the 1960s — entirely through audio.

The big idea

Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood wasn’t just another summer blockbuster. It was Tarantino’s tenth directorial project, and the sounds of the film were crucial to transporting audiences to his singular, nostalgic vision of 1969 Los Angeles. We knew the Spotify experience had to give fans more than just a soundtrack playlist. It had to give fans a behind-the-scenes look (er, listen) at Tarantino’s world.

The magic

Lights, camera...record. We launched the Quentin Tarantino Podcast, an exclusive show hosted by Rolling Stone’s David Wild in conversation with the director himself.

Listen now

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The pair went track-by-track analyzing each song in the film’s soundtrack, and discussed why those songs were crucial to set the tone of each scene. Through the conversation, fans got an intimate glimpse of Tarantino’s creative process and got to relive some of the most powerful music moments from his celebrated films.

Naturally, we also had Tarantino take over Spotify’s Film & TV Favorites playlist, giving a special guest curation of songs from his prolific film library. We housed everything, including the film’s soundtrack annotated by Tarantino, on a custom Spotify Homepage Takeover. You dig?

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    Each song, podcast episode, and playlist were streamed by the millions.
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    Audiences around the world immersed themselves in the world of Quentin Tarantino.

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