Tasting music with Tramontina

Many people pair their meals with music. But what if we reversed that order? What if we found a way to pair music with meals? That’s what we did with Tramontina by translating sound into flavors and textures to promote their new line of cookware.

The challenge

To champion their new utensils, Tramontina wanted to use music to prove that their kitchenware are key ingredients to every recipe.

The big idea

We rooted our creative thinking in the real-world phenomenon known as synesthesia, the blending of senses that allow some people to “taste” sounds or “feel” colors. After all, the musical elements of a song are like ingredients in a recipe. When you unlock the right combination—in a meal or a melody—you get something new, something distinctive, and something flavorful.

The magic

And so we did just that: We turned songs into recipes. Experts from different fields—including a chef, a conductor, and a neuroscientist—helped us build an algorithm that analyzed millions of songs in Spotify’s database. The sounds of those songs were then matched with flavor profiles and textures to provide listeners with unique recipes that match their soundtrack.

Some results? Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” for example, tasted like BBQ pork with carioca beans and hot Moroccan couscous. Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, meanwhile, tasted like foie gras terrine with salmon caviar and cold barley.

Every musically inspired recipe came with a suggestion of the perfect Tramontina cookware utensil to help bring the listener’s musical tastes to life. Ahh, a doce vida.

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