Toyota shifts gears with a multi-format, influencer-focused audio campaign

Toyota was ready to hit the road with their new subcompact SUV, the Corolla Cross. But first, they needed to reach passionate young achievers on the move. To do so, they leveraged Spotify to launch a multi-format influencer campaign that revved up consideration and brand awareness.

Media mix:

Brand vertical: Auto
Objective: Brand Awareness, Favorability, Consideration
Target audience: US Listeners Ages 18–49
Targeting used: Age, Language
Market: US
Flight length: 1/10/22–6/26/22
Format: Podcast Media, Sponsored Sessions, Video Takeover

The Brief:

Leading automaker Toyota was preparing to launch the first-ever Corolla Cross—a bold, compact crossover built to keep up with life's many changes and adventures. To promote the new vehicle, Toyota needed to get in front of versatile movers whose cars couldn't match their passions—until now.

They needed an automotive marketing channel that would help them raise awareness of the new model among versatile movers, passionate young achievers, and multicultural audiences.

The Solution:

From young drivers ready for an automobile upgrade to an experienced generation of car buyers looking for a vehicle that ticks their many boxes, Spotify is the place for brands to reach them with automotive digital advertising. Knowing this, Toyota turned to Spotify to launch an impactful, multi-format campaign consisting of audio, video, and podcast ads for US audiences spread across multiple segments. The ads aided listeners in “Finding that Perfect Fit" for their unique lifestyle.

As part of its “Miles and Milestones" initiative, Toyota tapped three influencers—James Henry, Jesús Morales, and Emmy Cho—to curate Spotify playlists that aligned with important moments in their lives. Each playlist included annotations from each influencer about the meaning behind their song choices.

The Toyota ads also reached diverse audiences across podcasts like Higher Learning, which unpacks the biggest topics in Black culture, and Dissect, a Spotify original that analyzes the music of prominent Black artists.

You can also listen to Henry's Falling in Loveplaylist and Emmy's A Decade of Recipes playlist on Spotify.

The Impact:

Toyota's multi-format campaign increased performance across the marketing funnel. Among their target audience, Toyota drove a noticeable lift in Consideration Intent and Awareness for the Corolla Cross. The brand also saw a 10 percentage point lift in Favorability, as more consumers agreed that Toyota "has exciting technology" and "versatile driving capabilities" after listening to the ad.

  • +9pt

    lift in Consideration Intent among listeners ages 21-24

  • +35pt

    lift in aided Awareness

  • +10pt

    lift in Favorability

The Takeaway:

Toyota paves the way for other auto advertisers looking to launch a combination of audio, video, and podcast ads. When it comes to reaching younger, multicultural audiences, Spotify can help drive results across the funnel—and take your campaign into the fast lane.

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