Solving pet stress with FRONTLINE

Anxiety is a fact of life — even for a dog. It’s not all chew toys and chasing your tail. A Spotify survey of over 5,000 listeners found nearly 75% of UK pet owners claim that audio helps to soothe and calm their pups at home.

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The challenge

Prove just how much FRONTLINE cares about dogs beyond monthly flea and tick protection, leveraging the power of audio to help ease dogs’ anxiety. But how do you speak with dogs?

The big idea

“If Dogs Could Talk,” a pawsome (sorry) Spotify experience aimed at dogs and their owners. Since audio helps soothe dogs’ anxiety, what if we made music and podcasts just for them?

The magic

We created a stress-busting playlist with a meditation narrative, plus sponsorship of the Spotify Original ‘My Dog’s Favourite Podcast’ — a soothing podcast to keep your dog company, and audio ads with a frequency heard only by dogs.

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Spotify doesn’t report metrics on dogs listening habits — yet. But humans loved it, and their best friends have a calming experience whenever they need it.

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