ŠKODA drives their campaign in a new interactive direction

  • 121%

    Ad Recall

    121% lift in recall of ŠKODA’s ads.
  • 32%

    Brand Perception

    32% lift in agreement that “ŠKODA offers a large range of products.”
  • 98%

    Valid and Viewable

    98% Valid and Viewable score measured by Moat.


ŠKODA France wanted to drive awareness and interest for their new ŠKODA KAROQ SUV with their target audience of 35- to 54-year-old auto intenders.


ŠKODA’s brand is all about doing things differently. So naturally, they wanted to approach their Spotify campaign differently too. With their custom Homepage Takeover, ŠKODA created an interactive ad that people just couldn’t miss.

The Homepage Takeover prompted the audience to click “start” at the very top of the Spotify interface. Once users clicked, they revved up for a bit of a surprise — the SUV actually zoomed out of the window, taking a road trip through the windy roads of the Spotify playlists on the screen below.

By taking advantage of the Homepage Takeover format, ŠKODA was able to create this illusion that their SUV was truly a part of the Spotify interface — literally driving fans directly into a video. Once the video finished, ŠKODA prompted the users with a “choose your own adventure” list of three destinations to pick from.

After fans picked their destination — either Snow, City, or Beach — they were given a corresponding playlist to soundtrack their journey. (Because ads are always better when they end with new road trip jams.) The playlists were specifically created to match the user’s favorite context for driving, taking advantage of Spotify’s unique connection to music and the inherent passion people have for it. These Branded Playlists lived directly on ŠKODA’s brand profile as well, and featured playlist art that incorporated ŠKODA’s logo.

The campaign leveraged multiple formats — with video, audio and display ads — to connect with a targeted Spotify audience of 35- to 54-year olds. Along with the Homepage Takeover, ŠKODA also used a Desktop Video Takeover and Desktop Overlay to drive to the experience from other entry points.


  • Thanks to its immersive and interactive visual, ŠKODA’s campaign was highly memorable, driving a 121% lift in ad recall compared to control.
  • The ads drove a 34% lift in agreement with the statement that ŠKODA offers a large range of products compared to control.
  • The Video Takeover format received a 98% Valid and Viewable score from Moat, which is 1.8X higher than the Moat desktop benchmark.
Formats: Homepage Takeover, Desktop Video Takeover, Desktop Overlay Market: France Flight: January 2018 — February 2018 Sources: LeanLab, February 2018; Moat, Q4 2017 France Desktop Video Benchmarks

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