Rethinking clean energy with Arcadia

What if doing your part for the planet was simple? That’s the idea behind Arcadia, a free tech platform that makes clean energy accessible nationwide. To spread awareness of their service, Arcadia looked to Ad Studio’s video formats to prove that being green doesn’t have to be hard.

The big idea

Clean energy is not usually a funny topic, but ever-innovative Arcadia proved that humor can be successful even when talking about utilities. Their video ad aimed to show listeners how easy it can be to do your part for the planet through Arcadia’s clean energy, particularly when compared to more over-the-top ventures like putting solar panels on a dog house.

The magic

Since Arcadia took care of the ad, it came down to getting it on a platform that would assure it was seen by the right people. Enter: Ad Studio. Our self-serve platform makes it easy to upload pre-existing audio and video assets, meaning Arcadia was able to get their ad up and running quickly. All they had to do was set the campaign’s budget and targeting, and add a call-to-action and clickthrough URL.

Of their experience, Cliff Bernstein, VP of Marketing at Arcadia, said, “Spotify Ad Studio for video is easy to use, lower-funnel results can be directly attributed, and gives us access to a large premium audience to grow our awareness on.”

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