Audio ads help Primark drive in-store traffic

The precise postal code and interest targeting offered by Spotify Ad Studio helped the global retailer, Primark, to reopen its brick-and-mortar stores in style when social distancing restrictions eased. All it took was a great audio ad campaign.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: Retail
Objective: In-store traffic, brand awareness
Target audience: A18-34
Ad Studio targeting used: Interests “Fashion”
Market: UK
Flight dates: Apr 18, 2021 - May 8, 2021
Format: Audio

The Brief:

After a highly unusual spring season—with the British government enforcing strict lockdown conditions in light of the global pandemic—Primark was ready to reopen its doors when the restrictions lifted in early summer 2021. The retailer wanted as many people as possible to hear that stores were now open for business. And it chose Spotify to get the message out to shoppers.

The Solution:

The highly engaged Gen Z Spotify listeners were more tuned in than ever before—Spotify’s vast universe of playlists and podcasts had given them a space in which they could escape the reality of the pandemic.1 This made it the ideal platform for Primark to drive awareness of its reopening.

  • 2:36

    Hours daily

    Gen Z listeners spend over two and half hours streaming music every day.2
  • 66%

    Listen to de-stress

    Two-thirds of Gen Zs say that audio is soothing and helps them cope with stress and anxiety.3

Developing a cohesive retail advertising strategy relies upon properly identifying your target audiences and tailoring your tactics to those consumers. Primark zeroed in on women and fashion lovers ages 18-34 in England and Wales as their target audience for this campaign. Their messaging celebrated summer style, fully stocked stores, and the good vibes of getting back to business. Thanks to the postal code and interest targeting offered by Ad Studio, the retailer delivered its messages to listeners nearest the stores and interested in fashion at a value price point. The campaign landed right as the summer specials came into play, letting people know about the stores’ opening hours and the safety protocols firmly in place.

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The Impact:

Primark’s audience was ready to start shopping again. The campaign out-performed our engagement benchmarks by 36%. The benchmark click-through rate (CTR) for a Spotify audio ad campaign is 0.06%. But the Primark campaign drove an impressive 1.65% CTR and helped the brand to get U.K. fashion fans back into stores.

  • 1.65%

    Click-through rate

    The Primark campaign achieved an impressive 1.65% CTR.
1 Spotify Trends Survey, January 2020; UK only, P15-24 QB5E. What does digital audio bring to your household? 2 Global Web Index, FY 2020, UK, age 16-24 3 Spotify Trends Survey, January 2020; UK only, P15-24 QB5E. What does digital audio bring to your household?

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