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Playing with your food at McDonald’s

If you’re like us, you do a little happy dance when hot fries land on your tray. Now there’s a playlist to soundtrack those moves, inspired and powered by the iconic McFry. McDonald’s cooked up some interactive experiences for Spotifriers in Brazil, and we’re lovin’ the results.

The challenge

To enhance the restaurant experience for diners with an appetite for musical experiences in participating Brazilian locations.

The big idea

The millions of playlists on Spotify suggest that the only thing as satisfying as a carefully curated setlist is a fresh order of fries. How can a salty snack yield a sweet surprise? By unlocking the “Fries List” playlist.

The magic

The “FriesList” playlist was complete with tracks like “FriTops of the Moment,” “I’m Out of Fries” and “Someone Stole My Fries.”

McDonald’s visitors could only access the playlist by placing their fries on the outline of a Spotify code, found on their tray liners. A Spotify code is like a QR code for music lovers, which directs you straight to music or podcasts on the platform when scanned with a phone camera. It was an easy and tasty solution – as some of the fries needed to be shortened (read: nibbled) to fit the shapes of the code. Together with Sao Paulo agency DPZ&T, we dug the snack out of the deep fryer and into the fire playlist.

The campaign earned international press coverage proving again that with Spotify, creativity is always on the menu.

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