PepsiMax gets contextual to drive live events awareness

With dynamic creative, PepsiMax used Audio Everywhere ads to pique interest for local live events.

  • 21%

    Brand Consideration

    Viewers of the campaign were 21% more likely to consider PepsiMax.
  • 34%


    Those who saw the campaign were 34% more likely to think PepsiMax is the #1 tasting no-sugar cola.
  • 155%


    Those who heard the campaign had a 155% higher lift in audio recall than the control.


When the weather heats up, people reach for a cold one, so Pepsi identified the summer months as the perfect time to increase consideration of PepsiMax as the must-drink summer beverage. Pepsi was involved with a number of TimeOut media events across Australia and used an accompanying digital campaign to drive listeners’ awareness and participation for the fun, outdoor summer events.


Pepsi got personal and customized over 650 audio spots targeting people 18 - 49 (because, #goals). Each bespoke audio spot focused on a summer event, with coordinating visual assets that clicked through to Pepsi’s branded TimeOut website where users could find more information.

The audio ads were served dynamically and personalized based on the listener's context. Listeners received a tailored message based on the day of the week they tuned in, the timing of the event, and their location.


  • The PepsiMax campaign was extremely memorable, driving a +155% lift in ad recall.
  • Users who saw the campaign were 34% more likely to agree that “PepsiMax is the #1 tasting no-sugar cola.”
  • The PepsiMax creative message was easy to understand and visible in the advertisement, achieving 52% Ad Recognition.
  • 65% of listeners exposed to the campaign agreed that it was intended for people like them — 8% higher than benchmarks.
Formats:Audio Everywhere Market:Australia Flight:Nov 2016 - Feb 2017 Source:LeanLab, March 2018

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