Digital audio ads bring marketing sheen to Mondo Convenienza

Italian furniture and home decor brand Mondo Convenienza wanted to get more eyes on their latest catalog and feet in their stores—and they recognized that digital audio advertising with Spotify was a great way to achieve their goal. In a month-long ad campaign, the brand targeted a broad audience of potential customers to drive sales and promote discounts.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: Furniture Retailer, Large-Scale Distributor Objective: Awareness
Target audience: Adults 35-44, 45+
Targeting used: Location
Market: Italy
Flight dates: 4/12/2022—5/15/2022
Format: Audio

The Brief:

The primary campaign goal was to introduce Mondo Convenienza's brand new "Catalogo Primavera 2022" (spring catalog) to potential customers.

Audience targeting was particularly important to help the brand generate the most effective impact. Mondo Convenienza targeted residents of Italy ages 35 and up. The campaign ran across the whole country, so that anyone hearing the ad could be sure their nearest store had all the spring catalog stock available. This helped drive awareness and reach a highly engaged audience.

By taking advantage of Spotify Ad Studio's self-service ad platform, Mondo Convenienza narrowed down their audience targeting to include only the most interested groups. They created detailed buyer personas of listeners who would be most likely to respond positively to furniture store advertising.

The Solution:

To bring this campaign to life, Mondo Convienza created an attention-grabbing script. The ad drew in listeners with descriptions of the brand's bevy of home decor offerings. It also mentioned ongoing discounts available in the catalog—a great way to entice potential buyers.

Mondo Convenienza's team chose audio as the medium for this campaign since it offers the advantage of capturing listeners' attention in a wide variety of environments—while they're driving or doing chores around the house, for example—versus visual ads, where someone needs to be paying attention to a screen.

The Impact:

The objective was to use audience targeting to reach as many potential customers as possible, getting them to click or tap on the catalog and check out the new product options. The digital audio advertising campaign ran in conjunction with other marketing media.

In addition, the overall click-through rate (CTR) of listeners who visited the catalog as a direct result of hearing the ad was 0.77%. To compare, the last catalog promotion got a CTR of 0.51%. Given these results, Mondo Convenienza went on to replicate the campaign for the launch of their Catalogo Autunno with an ad video and an always-on audio ads strategy.

  • 0.77%

    Click-through rate (CTR)

  • 1.8M

    Impressions delivered

  • 96%

    Completion rate

“Spotify is a very helpful and precious channel for advertisers to bring awareness and engagement and to reach the relevant audience anytime and anywhere."

—Simone Colatriano, Head of Digital Marketing @ Mondo Convenienza

Given these results, Mondo Convenienza went on to replicate the campaign for the launch of their Catalogo Autunno with an ad video and an always-on audio ads strategy.

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