MIDE sparks curiosity with reggaetón video ads

Most people would never think to pair economics with reggaetón music. But what if reggaetón could inspire curiosity about economics in a new generation of learners? MIDE, the Interactive Museum of Economics in Mexico, tapped Spotify Ad Studio to find out.

The challenge:

MIDE’s mission is to spark interest in economics at an early age. They make basic economic concepts interesting and fun. But when the global pandemic forced all museums to temporarily close their doors in Mexico, MIDE had to come up with innovative ways to help families enjoy the museum safely from their homes.

The big idea:

The MIDE team believes that nothing grabs people’s attention better than the unexpected. And that belief is what inspired this campaign. They had a hunch that pairing two totally different themes—like economics and contemporary music—would make people do a double take and spark their interest in experiencing a virtual version of MIDE. “Our goal was to communicate economics like never before,” said José Luis Salazar, an Associate Creative Director at Montalvo Agency.

The magic:

Ad Studio helped us drive awareness about our virtual museum experience.

Antonio Gomez

Head of Paid Media

Reggaetón is one of the most popular genres of Latin music, particularly among Gen Z and millennial listeners.1 We hear this on Spotify: the Mansión Reggaetón playlist is #4 in the top 5 Spotify playlists in Mexico among these age groups.2 And Bad Bunny, Puerto Rican rapper and reggaetón super star, was Spotify’s most streamed artist globally in 2020, with 8.3 billion streams.3 Armed with the cultural knowledge of what their young audience was listening to, the MIDE team used reggaetón as the creative foundation for this campaign to capture their audience’s attention on Spotify. The creative result was an animated reggaetón music video clip—starring the economist Karl Marx.

Spotify’s music environment was a natural fit for this sound-on video ad. “This was our first Spotify campaign. And we wanted to bet on a new channel—Spotify Ad Studio—to share our playful message,” said Antonio Gomez, Account Manager at Montalvo Agency. “We had no idea we’d be able to reach the numbers we did and achieve the success we had when we decided to make the bet on running video ads via Spotify Ad Studio.”

MIDE used Ad Studio’s interest targeting to reach nearly 25,000 unique Spotify users. “The impressions and the reach we achieved with this campaign were amazing and constant. Based on the ad’s high completion rates, we knew our message was being heard and seen in its entirety by our audience. Ad Studio helped us to drive awareness to our site and our digital museum experience.”

  • .95%

    Click thru rate

    The campaign’s .95% CTR far exceeded the global Ad Studio benchmark of .10%

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1 Spotify First Party Data, March 2020 2 Spotify First Party Data, March 2020 3 Spotify First Party Data, December 2020

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