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Lactaid lets dairy sensitive consumers know they've got options

Lactaid used Spotify’s impactful ad formats and contextual playlist targeting to educate lactose intolerant listeners about “the milk that won’t mess with you.”

  • +83%

    Ad Recall

    83% lift in recall of Lactaid ads.
  • +62%

    Purchase Intent for Category Buyers

    62% lift in purchase intent among listeners who previously purchased milk alternatives.
  • +42%

    Overall Purchase Intent

    42% lift in likelihood for listeners to buy Lactaid the next time they shop for milk.


Lactaid aimed to drive awareness for their lactose-free milk among their target audience of health-conscious 25- to 44-year-old listeners.


Just because you’re lactose intolerant doesn’t mean you don’t crave dairy. Lactaid knows that tons of people have this complicated relationship with milk — which is why their milk is the perfect solution for anyone looking for that real dairy taste without that annoying lactose.

To get the word out about “the milk that won’t mess with you,” the brand brought their message to Spotify. Lactaid’s campaign featured empathetic audio, highlighting the frustrations their audience faces when they crave dairy through short, clever sound-bites. One even featured a voice talking directly to her nemesis: Milk. “Hey, you. I know we’ve got history. But I’m turning a new page. No more will you make my morning and ruin my day.” The brand continued their story with a video ad, using the Sponsored Sessions format, featuring their animated cow mascot appearing in the kitchen with a carton of Lactaid for another customer in need.

Their clever creative was then served to the right audience via Spotify’s contextual playlist targeting capabilities. Lactaid wanted to reach a health-conscious audience — so they targeted playlists related to activities like biking, running, weightlifting and yoga, connecting with listeners in relevant moments. They also paired Spotify’s first-party data with third-party data from Nielsen Catalina Solutions to reach an even more targeted audience of custom consumer segments, like category buyers of milk alternatives and previous Lactaid buyers.

With the right audience in place, Lactaid was able to optimize their impact by running a multi-format, cross-platform campaign. They utilized the Sponsored Sessions format along with Audio, Overlay, and Leaderboard formats to reach their audience across a variety of touchpoints. The Sponsored Session format, in particular, helped them build brand affinity — giving listeners 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching their video ad. Across all of these formats, the message was seen and heard loud and clear: if you’re craving dairy but don’t want it to ruin your day, Lactaid is the ultimate solution.


  • With a humorous, direct approach, Lactaid’s message was memorable — driving an 83% lift in ad recall.
  • By targeting the right audience in relevant moments, Lactaid’s ads led to a 42% lift in overall purchase intent.
  • Lactaid used custom segments from Nielsen Catalina Solutions to reach an even more specific audience, driving a 62% increase in purchase intent among people who have previously purchased milk alternatives.
Formats: Audio, Sponsored Sessions, Overlay, Leaderboard Market: US Flight: April — August 2018 Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, September 2018

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